Women's Day Activities

International Women's Day is celebrated every year on March 8, to acknowledge the strength that a woman possess within her.

Given below are a few activities which can be performed to serve the purpose of this day-

The theme of Women's Day 2019

#Balance for Better
This year, the theme for International Women's Day is “Balance for Better”. The theme states that balance is needed to drive this world in a proper way. Balance is needed to create a better working environment. In today's time, there is a need for balance for getting a better world. The theme “Balance for Better” emphasizes on celebrating the presence of balance while trying to eliminate its absence. It is a global campaign that advocates for a gender-balanced world.

Activities to be done

Hold a personalized giveaway -

Not everyone around you is privileged. We live in a society where not everyone gets equal opportunity. So, this Women's Day, help and empower those women who need to be helped. Organize a personalized giveaway for these women. Donate them things which they need and encourage others to do the same. Show them that you care about them and you seriously want to empower them.

Let's hold a celebration at the workplace

Women should be given special treatment on this day to appreciate the efforts she puts in to manage the workspace and household simultaneously. Movie screenings, games and group discussions can be conducted in the office and also appreciation about the contribution of women in business, sports, industrial development etc should make any women feel specail.

Appreciate women around you

Women's Day is an important day for every female. The day is celebrated to signify the importance of women in the society so that one can appreciate all the women around him/ her and make her proud of being a woman. Cards, chocolates or a message can be sent to the lady you want to appreciate. You can also make her day special by going out for a movie with her, helping her in the household etc.

Joining a march is a good idea

Various events are organized on International Women's Day and a march is one of them. As the day is to symbolize the importance of women in society, its a good idea to hold marches, debates, protests etc. to highlight several issues. You can participate in any such type of marchto boost the morale of women.

Promote Gender Diversity

Women are facing a number of challenges. They are subject to evils such as female foeticide, rapes, and other forms of brutality. So, this year stand up for their cause and promote gender diversity to have a sustainable and developing society. Gender diversity in the workplace should also be promoted Hold a talk or discussion on prevalent social issues against women- International Women's Day is the perfect day to discuss the social issues as the day is not only meant for celebrations but also for the eradication of heinous crimes against women. You can hold a talk and discuss issues like marital rapes, reproductive justice, domestic violence and labor rights. Freedom of choice should also be considered as an important topic for discussion.

Reading Books Written by Women

A number of books have been written by women in various fields such as business, social issues, literature, politics, etc. Many of these women writer's initiate the thought process of one's mind in a variety of ways. Such influential books can be read to celebrate Women's day. You can choose some of the bestselling books or read evergreen books which help you stay motivated.

Watch TED Talks by Women

Hundreds of TED talks are conducted by women which are powerful, influencing, stimulating, and thought-provoking. One can simply watch these TED talks with friends and family and figure out ways to improve the existing position of women in the society.

Donate a part of your earnings

There are various NGO's and welfare organizations that are working hard to improve the position of women in the society and also take care of women who are victims of social injustice, domestic violence or other evils. You can donate a small part of your earning to these organizations to strengthen them and work actively to accomplish their goal of serving women.

Last Updated: 5th March, 2019