When is Onam 2018?

Onam Calendar 2018

Onam Day 1


Athapoo Pookalam

Atham Nakshatra Begins = 14:01 on 14, Aug

Atham Nakshatra Ends = 14:36 on 15, Aug


August 2018

Onam Day 2


Chithira Day

Chithira Nakshatra Begins = 14:36 on 16, Aug

Chithira Nakshatra Ends = 15:52 on 16, Aug


August 2018

Onam Day 3


Chodhi Day

Chothi Nakshatra Begins = 15:52 on 16, Aug

Chothi Nakshatra Ends = 17:45 on 27, Aug


August 2018

Onam Day 4


Vishakham Day

Vishakham Nakshatra Begins = 17:45 on 17, Aug

Vishakham Nakshatra Ends = 20:10 on 28, Aug


August 2018

Onam Day 5


Anizham Day
Vallam Kali

Anizham Nakshatra Begins = 20:10 on 18, Aug

Anizham Nakshatra Ends = 22:57 on 19, Aug


August 2018

Onam Day 6


Thriketa Day

Thrikketta Nakshatra Begins = 22:57 on 20, Aug

Thrikketta Nakshatra Ends = 01:54 on 20, Aug


August 2018

Onam Day 7


Moolam Day, Ona Sadya
Puli Kali, Kaikotti Kali

Moolam Nakshatra Begins = 01:54 on 31, Aug

Moolam Nakshatra Ends = 04:47 on 1, Sep


August 2018

Onam Day 8


Pooradam Day

Pooradam Nakshatra Begins = 04:47 on 21, Sep

Pooradam Nakshatra Ends = 07:25 on 2, Sep


August 2018

Onam Day 9


Uthradom Day
First Onam

Uthradam Nakshatra Begins = 07:25 on 23, Aug

Uthradam Nakshatra Ends = 09:37 on 23, Aug


August 2018

Onam Day 10




August 2018

Onam Day 11


Thiruvonam Day

Thiruvonam Nakshatra Begins = 09:37 on 25, Aug


August 2018

Onam Day 12


Avvittom Day
Third Onam

Avittam Nakshatra Begins = 11:18 on 26, Aug

Avittam Nakshatra Ends = 12:25 on 26, Aug


August 2018

Onam Day 13


Chatayam Day
Fourth Onam

Chathayam Nakshatra Begins = 12:25 on 27, Aug

Chathayam Nakshatra Ends = 12:57 on 27, Aug


August 2018

Onam Calendar

Weekday Date Year Name
Fri Aug 28 2015 Onam
Wed Sep 14 2016 Onam
Mon Sep 4 2017 Onam
Wed Aug 15 2018 Onam

Onam is one of the major festivals celebrated in the Indian state of Kerala. The festival falls during the month of Chingam (August–September) and is celebrated to mark the homecoming of the renowned King Mahabali. The ten day Onam festivities are an occasion for the people of the state to display the various social, religious and other cultures of Kerala. 2017, Onam falls on Monday , Sep 4; it is the time to celebrate this occasion with all your near and dear ones.

The carnival of Onam Festival 2018 begins with the beginning of the Malayali New Year in the month of Chingam. Onam Datekeeps changing every year. It is a ten day gala. On the tenth day, all collectively prepare an Onam Pookakalam (the flower carpet), to kick start the day filled with the storehouse of joys of Onam Celebration. It is essentially an annual harvest festival and thus holds a great importance for the agrarian society; the natives of Kerela.

Festival of Onam

Festival of Onam is believed to be celebrated in Sangam Age, that is around A.D 800 for the very first time. It was the age of Kalabhras. People in that age used to welcome spring by celebrating this particular festival. After the rainy month of Karkidakam, they welcome the advent of spring season, which would reap fruits of their hard work on the farm land. The entire month of Chingum was imbued with Onam Celebrations and Onam Wishes.A very interesting legendary story is also associated with the Onam festival. God Indra, the son of Kashyapa and Aditi was defeated in a war with Mahabali, the King of Asuras. Seeing the plight of her son, Aditi wailed with grief and pain. Kashyapa asked her to observe the ritual of Payovrata, which had to be started with the twelfth night of the half Karthika. She observed all the rituals pure heartedly. Appeased from her devotion, Lord Narayana appeared before Aditi and promised to help her. He ascended on earth through Aditi's womb to help Indra. Vamana Murti, the incarnation of Lord Narayana ultimately did justice to God Indra.

The aforementioned story enriches the meaning of Onam all the more. On the ninth day of the gala of Onam, the idols of sticky clay are made and are painted red. They are placed on the house after a thorough cleansing and decorations. They are called as 'Trikkakra Appam'. The next day, which is the actual day of jubilations, people wear new clothes and present their loved ones with gifts.

  • Onakkodi is the most important thing about Onam where people wear new clothes and organize an elaborate Onam feast.

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  • To welcome King Mahabali during Onam, the womenfolk make some special arrangements. A grand meal is cooked and flower carpets are laid in the patio for this.

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  • Some of the mouthwatering dishes that are traditionally prepared during Onam consist of sambhar, rasam, parippu, avial, and the payasam.

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  • The Vallamkali also known as the snake boat race is another very popular event that is held during the festival.

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  • During the boat race, about 100 oarsmen row huge and graceful snake boats which present a striking sight to the onlookers. Large numbers of tourists including foreigners come to Kerala from all over to witness and take part in the boat racing during Onam.

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  • Onam is also the harvest season in Kerala, so the landscape around that time is stunning in the state and everybody is in a cheerful mood waiting to join in the celebrations.

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  • Children are the ones who wait most eagerly for Onam; it is the time for them to get new clothes, toys and any other thing that they wish for, from their parents and relatives.