Last Updated: 9th May, 2019

When is Mother's Day 2019?

In 2019, Mothers day will be celebrated Sunday, 12 May
Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day is celebrated around the world. The day honors, respects and salutes mothers. Mother's Day is an annual event which is celebrated with lots of enthusiasm in nations around the world. However, the day is celebrated every year on different dates in the various countries around the world.

When is Mother's Day Celebrated?

Countries around the world celebrate Mother's Day on different dates. The day is commonly celebrated in May but in some nations, Mother's Day is also celebrated in March. For e.g, the United States celebrated Mother's Day in the second week of May, while the the United Kingdom celebrates the day in March. In 2019, the United Kingdom will be celebrating Mother's Day on March 11, which is Sunday. On this day, people in the United Kingdom show their respect and appreciation to their mothers.

Mothering Sunday

The British celebrate Mothering Sunday some three weeks prior to the Easter Sunday. On the day Christians would pay a visit to their 'mother' church. The domestic servants were given a holiday so that they could go back to their hometown and worship with their families. Over the years, the day evolved and witnessed several changes. Today, children honor their mothers as well as give them presents on the day.

Why is Mother's Day held on different dates every year?

The tradition of celebrating Mothering Sunday in the United Kingdom dates back to the 16th century. However, every year Mother's Day is celebrated on a different date. The main cause is that Mother's Day in the country is connected with Easter. As, Easter is determined by the lunar calendar and is held on different date every year, the date of Mother's Date too changes.

Gifts to give to your Mother

The biggest gifts that one can give to his or her mother are honor and respect. However, a lovely gift would surely make her day even more precious. Here we present to you some wonderful gift ideas that you can explore on this Mother's Day.


Your mother wakes you up early in the morning for school and prepares a nice breakfast for you. So, on Mother's Day you can spring a surprise by preparing her a nice breakfast. It need not be too elaborate and can be as simple as a scrambled egg with sandwiches. However, you will have to get up early and prepare the breakfast. Then arrange it on the table. This time around you wake her up and lead her to the table. Just see the happiness on her face.

Prepare the breakfast for your Mom

A Fancy Wooden Tray

A fancy wooden tray would be the perfect gift on Mother's Day. The gift would become all the more memorable if you serve breakfast that you have specially cooked for her on the tray.

Perfect gift on Mother's Day

Present Her a Bunch of Flowers

Flowers are the perfect gift. There are various options to choose from. Roses are a good options and she would surely adore them. However, another very good option is a bunch of lovely tulips as they are the seasonal choice.

Bunch of lovely tulips for Mother's Day

Take Her out For Dinner

You can take her out for dinner. Book a table at her favorite restaurant. Either you can order her favorite dishes or let her do so. A mouth-watering desert would complete the meal. After the dinner, you can also take her to a movie.


Give Her a Spa Voucher

At times, your mother too needs a break. Help her relax and unwind by gifting her a spa voucher. Here she can pamper herself by indulging in activities such as a head massage to toe massage etc.

Give Her a Spa Voucher on Mother's Day

Personalized Necklace

You can gift her a personalized necklace which would have her birthstone or that of her favorite child. She would surely love the gift.

Personalized Necklace for Mom

Fancy Pillows

Gift her some fancy pillows. Get the initials of all her children stitched on the pillows. These pillow covers would make a nice gift.

Simnel Cake

Either prepare a Simnel cake at home or order one from the market. The fruit-cake would make the day more special as it is traditionally associated with Mother's Day. The light fruit-cake is decorated with marzipan.

Prepare a Simnel cake on Mother's Day