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Tropical Wedding Flowers

Wedding is the special occasion on which you tie the nuptial knot with your beloved. Everyone wants to celebrate his or her wedding in the most unique way compared to others. People start planning for the wedding in advance. But the first thing which comes to everyone’s mind before planning a wedding is about flowers. Varieties of wedding flowers are available in the market. But nowadays the Tropical Wedding Flowers have gained popularity among the other flowers because of its bright color, modern look and its availability throughout the year.
Here are some of the most preferred tropical wedding flowers:
  • Anthuriums: This tropical flower is also known as flamingo flowers. They come in a variety of attractive colors like red, green, pink, white and burgundy. You can use Anthuriums for wedding bouquets and also for decorating the reception area.
  • Orchids: Brides generally prefer to use orchids on their wedding. There are varieties of orchids like Miltonia, Phalaenopsis, Dendrobium; Burana jade etc. But among them Cymbidiums is the most popular one. Cymbidium orchids provide an elegant look to your wedding celebrations. The available colors are white, pink, yellow and light green.
  • Heliconia: Heliconia being one of the most magnificent architectural plants, is used to ornate the wedding reception area like hotels etc. You can also use it to ornate the bride’s room or you can even put some Heliconia on a vase and make it a wonderful showpiece.
  • Besides this, you can even use some tropical leaves like palm, monstera to decorate your wedding celebration. Moreover, Anthuriums have heart shaped leaves which will add color to your wedding.

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