Wedding Tents

Marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on earth. Being a special occasion most couples want to celebrate their marriage in a unique style. As a result, the concept of using tent has into trend. The wedding tent offers the unconventional way to celebrate the special occasion and cherish it for a lifetime. Wedding tents are available in many colors and designs. You can rent tents for your wedding purpose or can even have an informal outdoor wedding in tent, known as outdoor wedding tent. Most couples prefer to celebrate their wedding in tent, which creates a very stylish and romantic ambience.

You can decorate your tents with any kind of designs which is cost effective. For example, to create a fantasy wedding you can go for lighting. Different types of lighting are available which will make your dream wedding come true. You can also make floral arrangement to ornate your wedding tent. Using flower will make the ambience even more joyous and refreshing. If you want to have a dance floor for your wedding, you can purchase or event rent a bubble machine which will make the environment happening and thrilling. You can also use fabric to decorate your wedding tent. You can cover the poles of the tent by using fabric of different colors and ornate the corner side of the tent by using candles. Seeing the benefits of the wedding tent, more and more couples are coming forward to mark the most remarkable event of their life in a wedding tent.

You can rent tents either from the tent rental companies or from the party supply. Most of the party supply and tent rental companies offer package depending on your wedding guest and other requirements. But before choosing an area for wedding it is better to be sure that the area is free of underground power lines or other hurdles which might create problem with the tent location.

To arrange for a wedding tent you have to sign an agreement with the tent rental company and have to make a deposit in advance. The tent rental companies may even help you to choose a wedding area. The companies even sometimes supply fans and air conditioner to make your invitees comfortable. Some of the reputed tent rentals companies are: Bay Area Tent Rentals, California Tent Rentals, Los Angeles Tent Rentals, Silicon Valley Tent Rentals, Yakima Tent Rentals, Rhode Island Tent Rentals, New Jersey Tent Rentals, Buffalo Tent Rentals.

Wedding tents are available in different designs, shapes and sizes from elegant to simple. What you have to do is to just select a tent depending on your theme. Here also your tent supplier may help you to select your tent. Tent should be roomy enough to encompass the wedding reception requirements like guest tables, bar, table for gift, dance floor. You can choose the color of the wedding tent which matches with the bridal gown. YOU can also go for red, yellow, pink, white or can even use a rainbow colored tent

The different types of tent available for wedding are: Indaba Tent, Serengeti Style Safari Tent, Inhaca tent, Xai –Xai Tent, Albatross Tent, Mafunyane Tent, Makonde Tent, Gundwane Tent, Baobab Tent. Among the various types of tent available the most well liked wedding tent is the Cathedral Style Wedding Tent, because it allows natural light to come in.