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Wedding Table Decorations

Wedding Table Decoration is the center of attraction of all the guests, be it family members, friends or relatives. When the vows are exchanged and the wedding rituals and ceremonies are completed, guests head towards the tables for the delicious food to enjoy. And the décor of the table is the first thing that sets the mood and environment for enjoying the yummy food. Hence, the Wedding Table Decoration should be just grand and euphoric to bring an eternal bliss to all.Among the solemn event of marriage, when the two souls unite in a eternal bond of love, there are your friends who participate in your happiness and shower blessings upon newly weds.
These important guests should be treated with exultation and too much care. There should be a real celebrating occasion for them. Hence, you can opt for marzipan table decorations that serve the purpose of two-in-one. Marzipan decorative items are edible, apart from being decorative!
In fact, Wedding Table Decoration can vary with different themes. For Beach Wedding Theme, Wedding Table Decoration will consist of Marzipan Seashells, Sea creatures, Dolphins, Killer whales, Lobsters, Crabs, and Sea urchins in various colors. Christmas Wedding will include Christmas box with goodies, puddings, reindeer, Santa’s snowmen, holy leaves, rose leaves, and other wedding favors. Again, Tropical Wedding theme will be full of fruits like lemon, pineapple, lime, banana, and papaya. For the Halloween theme, there are various spooky and ooky wedding décor. Witches, grave stones, skulls, ghosts, severed fingers, cats and spiders are the part of Wedding Decoration.
Attractive and appealing crystal wires are an amazingly versatile, unique, exclusive and exceptional addition to Wedding Table celebration! You just need to place the crystals on napkins. You can also intertwine these several wires so that you can wind it around candles or glasses. Apart from these usages, Crystal wires can be used as centerpieces, in floral decorations, even to embellish invitations, thank you cards and guest books. You can make use of clear crystal picks, Amber crystal picks, burgundy arrangements, or pink arrangement for beautifying the Wedding Table. Marabou feathers can also form the part of the Wedding Table Decoration. These are the fluffier description of the usual feather. These large feathers will decorate the table if kept on the napkins or in the wine glasses. These are available in different hues like Ivory, burgundy, pink and cream.

You can even add decadence and romance to your Wedding Table Decoration by scattering beautiful preserved rose petals! These dried rose petals are used for highlighting the place settings and centerpieces on the tables for the guests. In fact, you can even use these rose petals for filling up the paper cones that can be handed to the guests while they arrive. Rose Petals are available in colors like pink, white, red, lilac or purple and champagne golden glittery hue.

Also, decorate the Wedding Table with disposable and colored camera so that you know about the mischief of your family and friends. With different photographs, you will not feel left out of the entire fun and enjoyment. There are even beaded rings available in the market for the napkins. Just roll the napkins with these beaded rings to give the Wedding Table Decoration an elegant and classic feel.

There are also various candleholders to decorate the Wedding Table. Western Wedding Unity Candleholder is very famous in the western countries. This wrought iron candleholder has a bride and groom too. You can also adorn the wedding table with pairs of candle in champagne glasses. These glasses are filled with gel wax and have a tint of sparkling and glittering element in it. You can even wrap each glass with a lace or a ribbon. There are also votive silver and glass tea light holders for the table. Again, heart votive stands, tulip candleholder centerpiece for the table. You can also use faux ice crystals to accent the table settings. This will provide shimmer to the table giving it a chilly cold look.

Also, for adding fun to the Wedding Table Decoration, collect ‘Colored Balloon Arch’ to decorate the dinner table at the wedding. In fact, there are also silver and golden banner kits for the shimmering and shining wedding table. And yes, do not forget to number the tables with eye-catching and startling number plates that will look really gorgeous!

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