Summer Wedding Flowers

In the countries like the United States and the United Kingdom—the summer season is quite pleasant. Hence, for the people of these countries, organizing Summer Wedding is not a mess. Moreover, the mild summer season is a time of the year when there is a natural explosion—that of colorful and bright blooms. And hence, the Summer Wedding Flowers are just perfect for decoration and bridal bouquets. These include everything from tall flowering plants that are ideal for venue arrangements to delicate flowering annuals. Planning to make Summer Wedding Flowers the center of the nuptial is an easy task and it’s a great way to celebrate your wedding.There are variety of strong aromatic flowers of summer in white and pink. You can make use of tall delphiniums in blue that are available all throughout the year. These flowers are combined with gladioli to a Summer Wedding Flower arrangement.

This will be highly attractive if your other decorations are in blue or in the other color combination with blue as the base color. Again, stock can also be used with white and pink colored flowers. And other summer flowers include columbine—aquilegia, snapdragons—Antirrhinums, and irises. These are in fact, traditional and conventional summer flowers that can be used for the wedding decorations. However, the particular Summer Wedding Flowers that are available at this time of the year are generally varieties of brightly hued Roses. These are the most in demand for the bride’s bouquets as well as for other marriage décor.

For white as the theme, Calla Lilies are just perfect for the Summer Wedding Flowers. Wedding locations and venues can be decorated with Stargazer—a kind of lily. These lilies are known for their large flowers and peculiar sweet fragrance. Again, there are Gerberas for Summer Wedding Flowers. Highly acknowledged for their round shape, Gerberas are flowers symbolic of wholeness and completeness and are gorgeous for Bridal bouquets.

  • Spring is the season of birth after wintry death. And summer is the season for growth and devolopment. Variety of flowers are available during the summer season. So one will not make a mistake if s/he chooses summer wedding flower as their wedding theme. Summer days are filled with sunshine and warmth. Hence, summer weddings usually take place out of doors. Summer wedding flower theme is the best choice for all nature lovers.
  • Summer wedding Flowers are characterized by bright hues, large size and wonderful fragrance. Some of the common summer wedding flowers are sunflower, roses, calla lilies, dahlias and daisies. All the summer blossoms burst with life and warmth. They are enough to brighten up any pallid situation. Various types of orchids are available during the summer month. Because of their large supply, most of the orchids are available at cheap rates. So, budget is never a problem for people with summer wedding flowers as their wedding theme.
  • Various types of limes and lemons are in blossom during the summer months. So lemon fruits and lemon blossoms can be combined with summer wedding flowers to create very interesting floral arrangements.
  • Summer wedding flowers have a range of interesting contrasts. On one hand there are the soft blue, white and lavender lilies and carnations, on the other, there are the hot orange, pink and red dahlias and orchids. A creative mind can blend these contrasting blossoms to create an earthly wonder for the eye.
  • However, the only problem with summer wedding flowers is that due to continuous sunshine, they tend to droop easily. One solution to this problem is that the flowers should always be kept under shade. If it is an outdoor summer wedding party, then flower pots are more advisable than cut flowers. If cut flowers are used then it is important to sprinkle them with water at regular intervals to keep them fresh.

Choosing summer wedding flowers can never be a mistake. Summer offers a festival of colors and one can successfully revel in this seasonal bliss of flowers. For more related articles you can check