Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

Wedding is a time to celebrate and wedding reception party is the time when family and friends get together to participate in your happiness and joy. Wedding marks the beginning of a new life and hence, the new life should be greeted in a grand way with Wedding Reception Decorations and it has to be interesting and really beautiful. You can think about a theme based Wedding Reception Decoration. However, budget plays a very crucial role while deciding upon the Wedding Reception Decoration. The necessary Wedding Reception decoration requires candles, balloons, flowers and other linen accessories. Also make use of varied center pieces that are available in the market.

Decorate With Flowers:

Flowers are just wonderful for Wedding Reception Decoration. In fact, bright beautiful and soft flowers give an ambience of aromatic thrill for any party. To solemnize the lovely event of 'exchanging vows', let bride and bridegroom be showered with red, mauve and white roses. Further, there should be flower vases arranged on the dinner tables. You can also make extensive use of dry flower arrangements. This really looks gorgeous and awesome. The black, golden bronze look gives the reception party an artistic and antique look. One of the best ideas is the use of silk rose topiary. This is fantastic to be hung on the entrance.

Use Candles

The alluring and aromatic candles are also best décor item for any party. And Wedding Reception Decoration should glow with the candles and signify the warmth of the new bonded relation! How about keeping aromatic and aesthetic candles on the dinner tables? Think about romance, and candles strike the mind! Candle centre pieces are just great for the wedding party night. You can also arrange for branched candelabras to illuminate the hall of the wedding. In fact, everyone loves bowls of floating candles that emit a pure and fresh aroma.

Bell Decoration

Arrange for different types of bells to decorate the wedding reception party. Double heart shaped bells and couple bells. Ring these bells at the reception to prompt the newly wedded couple for a wedding kiss. Also during the recession, these bells can be ringed.

Beautiful Satin Bows

Give a colorful splash to the Wedding Reception Decoration with butterfly pull bows—all made in blue color. The material and design can differ according to your likes and dislikes. You can also make use of satin bows for decorating the chairs in the reception party.

Use Lights

How romantic it will be to illuminate the entrance path with heart shaped illuminaries.

Decorate With Balloons

Arrange for various colored, heart shaped or couple balloons in order to add a touch of sophistication and fun to your party. Let us tell you that balloons are not specifically for children, they are part of adult's parties too! In fact, for a more romantic touch in the party, hang “I do” balloons all over. The young couple will be delighted to see these balloons and there will be an environment of cheerfulness all over.

Cover With Fabric

Linen also forms the integral part of the Wedding Reception Decoration. Use floral printed and designs for tablecloths, draperies, napkins and other chair covers. Do you know that Gossamer fabric is very famous for wedding decorations? You can use this gossamer fabric to make beautiful garlands, pew decorations, bows and other butterfly bows too. This sheer fabric is perfect for chair covers and table runners as well as for outdoor decorations. Choose floral or rose designs for wedding parties. You can also use Tulle for hanging from the ceiling in order to create illusions in the room.