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Wedding Purses

Purse is something which remains close to every woman. It is used to carry some personal accessories like comb, lipstick, money etc. So, in case of wedding purses it has to be something glamorous. Isn’t it? Nowadays various types of wedding purse are available with unique shapes and sizes.

A variety of wedding purses are accessible for the bride. A bride chooses the wedding purse very carefully because she is going to use it for the most remarkable occasion of her life. The names of some wedding purses are given below:
Vintage style floral beaded purse: This vintage style floral beaded purse is what reminds us of the classiness of the past. It is decorated in floral patterns .it has a silver colored grip which closes and opens the purse.
It is useful for carrying articles like tissues, lipstick and keys. The vintage style floral beaded purse is made up of faux satin and is available in ivory and jet black colors
Sophisticated silk purse: It is one of the most glamorous silk purses for the bride. It has a silver clasp and a silk strap with sleek curved design. It is an ideal purse for the bride and also for the bride’s maid.

Contemporary clutch purse: This purse is made up of satin. It enhances the beauty of your wedding outfit. You can keep it under your arms or can even use silver colored strap available with the purse.
Vintage evening bag in satin: This purse is suitable for bride, mothers and bridesmaid. You can just carry it in your hand or wear it over your shoulder. It has such decorative handles that you will have an urge to use it again and again. It is available in white and golden colors.

Starlight satin bridal purse emergency kit: Use of pearls and rhinestones makes the purse extraordinary. The emergency kit contains items like bandages, acid relief, bobby pins, Kleenex, mints, lotion, ibuprofen, and acetaminophen. It is available in white color only.

Classic bridal handbag with metal strap: It has single handle which allows the bride to carry her wedding accessories comfortably. It is definitely an addition to your wedding outfit. You can use this purse for every occasion related to marriage. It is available in silver color only.

Silk purse with beaded strap: This fabulous purse has a classic look and it is very soft to touch. It is big enough for the bride to carry her lipstick and other materials. The purse is available in diamond white, ivory and white color.

Belle-satin bridal hangbag: It has a triangular shape. You can use gold or silver chain for using it. It is useful for carrying wedding accessories. It is available in silver and golden color.

Grace Kelly bridal purse: This purse has a vintage look. Your wedding gown will thank you for using it. It has a snap end and unseen zipper. It is available in white, black, champagne, candlelight-ivory color.

Princess bridal purse: The purse has a royal look. It also has an optional mirror attached to it which makes it very useful for the bride.

Ravishing bridal purse: It is one of the most beautiful purses for the bride. It is made up of European silk. The colors available are ivory and white.

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