Wedding Gifts for Parents

A wedding is the beginning of a new journey, when two entwined souls start everything afresh. But getting entwined in an eternal bond doesn’t mean the rupture of old bonds. Nothing can ever break the bond between parent and child. As a new chapter in your life begins, express appreciation and gratitude to your father and mother with Parents Wedding Gifts. These wedding gifts for parents are ideal way to tell your parents on the most important day of your life “thanks for being there”. Every one of us shares an intense bond with our parents and it continues to get reinforced with the passage of time. So, hurry up and grab some of the wonderful keepsakes to thank them for all their unconditional love and support. DGreetings offers you some of the popular Parents Wedding Gifts.

Personalized Gifts

When thinking of a gift idea for your parents, it is not about how much or how little you would spend in buying certain gifts. Rather, the most important thing is the thoughts attached with the gifts. Gifts with a personal touch are well received ones, because they express your sentiments when words fall short of. Personalized wedding gifts include photo frames, appreciation poems composed to honor your parents, scented candles, table lamps, personalized pens, personalized wallets, engraved handkerchiefs and many more stuffs. Personalized gifts whether small or elaborate are bound to send an unforgettable message of love!

Cookie Gift Basket

Cookie Gift Basket is a special gift for your parents on your wedding day. And who on earth doesn’t like to receive cookies anyways? Your parents can't help but think of you each time they take a bite. A bountiful Cookie Gift Basket brimming with dozens of mouth watering cookies will bring smile even to the pickiest folks. God gave the angels wings, and He gave us cookies. Such is the power of cookies that it adds to the flavor of the moment and paints every occasion in life with bright colors. A cookie basket with stunning gold colored ornaments overstuffed with munchies, chocolate wafer cookies, caramel corn, cocoa dusted truffles, chocolate popcorns, jell beans, moist nutty brownies, chocolate ice cream sandwich and many more sweet treats will leave your parents wanting more. To add a bit of fun, you can also include wedding themed soft toys, disposable camera or may be a scrap book.

Food and Wine Gift Basket

Food and Wine Gift Baskets wrapped with the freshest morsels and decked up with quality ribbons and bows will surely woo the newly married couple with an eternal impression. A striking and excellent quality basket filled with White Star Champagne, Dom Perignon, Pinot Noir or other premium quality wines paired with an assortment of the finest products like olive oil crackers, almond roca, seasoned pretzels, Parisian breadsticks, cheese twists, salami, smoked salmon and lemon tea cookies will definitely satisfy any wine connoisseur.

Chocolate Gift Baskets

Chocolate gift baskets include a variety of gourmet quality chocolate items. There are normally a variety of different makes and kinds of chocolates in a chocolate gift basket. Always remember not to go for those baskets that have only one variety of chocolates. Try to find one with a variety of makes and tastes. For instance a basket brimming with chocolate fudge filled Lake Champlain Small World Truffles Marich Single Serve - Chocolate Cherries, Lake Champlain Chocolate Bar, Caramel Bayard's Chocolate Covered Pretzels - assorted milk, dark & ivory, Ghirardelli chocolate squares, dark chocolate Raspberry, chocolate chips, chocolates of Vermont, and chocolate with apricots will satisfy any chocoholic on the earth.