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Non Traditional Wedding Vows

Some love lasts a lifetime. True love lasts forever." – author unknown. The secret of a successful marriage is to fall in love with the same person again and again. As your love is really special then why go for the same old traditional wedding vows(link to traditional Wedding Vows)? A unique and original non traditional wedding vows is what you need. A wedding vow that comes straight from your heart is truly a special promise that you can make to your sweetheart. Choosing to wed in a non traditional way and at non traditional destinations, are becoming very popular nowadays with young love birds.
Writing your wedding vow inside the wedding ring, is a unique way to let your beloved husband/ wife know how much you care for him/ her and your wedding vows too. Traditions change with time. What is non-traditional in today’s world might be traditional to the coming generations. The non-traditional stays alive anyways.
If you have a writer’s block you can take professional help for writing a non traditional wedding vow. Break the shackles of tradition and let your creative energies flow freely. Write what your heart says. You can take inspiration and ideas by going through a number of interesting wedding vows. A non traditional wedding vow does not follow a well defined way of writing. It changes from person to person. It should always be in tune with you and your life partner’s personality.

As a non traditional wedding vow helps to make the most memorable moment of your life really special you should take this opportunity to let your darling know that you will love him/ her till eternity.
Saying the right words during your wedding ceremony is bound to make your love feel truly special. Either you can write it on your own or both you and your spouse can do it together as teamwork. Friends and relatives can also contribute a lot to writing an original non traditional wedding vow. A non traditional wedding vow can include quotations on love, romance and wedding. Lines of famous love poems may also be included. Your love poem may sound like poetry. Such a wedding vow created with so much effort should be framed in gold.
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