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Indian Marriage Cards

Indian marriage cards are the perfect way to inform your dear ones and associates about your marriage and invite them to your celebrations. These cards offer specific details about your marriage, such as the venue, date, and time. Every couple wants their wedding card to be one of a lifetime. So, you too would like to have an Indian marriage invitation card that’s beautifully designed to pull your guests to your wedding ceremony.

Ideas for Indian Marriage Cards

Below, you’ll find a list of ideas for invitation cards used in different kinds of Indian weddings like the Hindu marriage, Muslim wedding, or the Sikh marriage.

Hindu wedding cards: The Hindu wedding invitation cards usually come with religious symbols like Lord Ganesha or Om. You may find Hindu marriage cards having the picture of a pot with mango leaves or a wedding procession which is known as the ‘Baraat’. Other symbols used in Hindu wedding cards are the Kalash, the Swastik, or the Doli. The Kalash is a large metal pot which has enough space to hold a coconut. The pot is filled with water, and mango leaves and a coconut are placed on top of it. This pot is used in the Hindu rituals, and it is considered as an auspicious sign. So, it is widely used in Indian marriage cards meant for Hindu weddings.

The ‘Swastika’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Svastika’ which means lucky or auspicious. Since the Swastika is a sign of good luck, therefore it is commonly used in Hindu wedding invitations.

The dhol is a drum that’s widely used in Punjab; it is associated with Punjabi music and dance. Since weddings are a happy occasion, therefore the symbols of dance and music, such as the dhol are widely featured in Hindu wedding cards.

Aside from the auspicious signs, a lot of decorations are seen in Hindu wedding cards. These cards are adorned with stones, laces and other items to give them a classy look. Hand-painted drawings of Hindu gods and goddesses like Shiva and Parvati dancing together are often used in Indian marriage cards meant for Hindu weddings.

Indian marriage cards used for Hindu weddings provide details like the time and venue of the wedding. In addition, these cards offer each and every detail of the events that are likely to be held during the Hindu marriage. Indian marriage invitation cards used for Hindu weddings must have the names of the bride and bridegroom and those of the couples’ parents. Besides, the addresses of the couples’ parents are also mentioned.

Sikh wedding cards: The Sikh marriage invitation cards often use a special symbol - the ‘Ek Onkar’ in addition to hymns from Sikh religious scriptures. The Sikh wedding cards mainly focus on the ‘Anand Karaj’ which is considered as a blissful act based on the concept of the soul getting united with God. Like all other Indian marriage cards, the Sikh wedding cards have a variety of designs and styles that reflect their personal choice and taste.
Muslim wedding cards: The Muslim marriage cards usually highlight two events - the Nikah (marriage ceremony) and the Valima (reception party). The cards have religious symbols like the crescent and the star. The Muslim marriage cards come in a variety of textures and pictures. A special type of the Muslim wedding card is the ‘Farman’ which has sticks at both ends and the wordings in the middle.
Jain wedding cards: Indian marriage cards used for Jain weddings have images of religious figures like the Mahavira, or the Swastika. Other images that can be used in Jain wedding cards are that of palm leaves and the bride and bridegroom. Sometimes, the photos of the bride and groom are also used in Jain wedding cards.
Catholic wedding invitation cards: The Catholic wedding cards come with gold foil. These cards are made of natural textured papers with interesting text engraved on them. Such marriage cards have designs which are enchanting and appealing enough to pull the guests to the wedding ceremony.

Parsi wedding cards: Indian marriage cards meant for Parsi marriages feature elements that reflect the Parsi style and culture. These cards highlight beautiful golden work that adds to their elegance. In addition, Parsi wedding cards come with traditional motifs and floral prints. Usually, the Parsi marriage cards are made of textured paper, and they use a variety of color schemes. This is to make sure that the cards have a long-lasting impact on the guests invited to the wedding.

Indian marriage cards highlight the tradition and culture of the community which arranges the wedding. They give an impression of your personal taste and style and how you’re going to celebrate your wedding. So, you should choose a wedding card that’s elegant, unique, and attractive.
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