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Wedding Flower Preservation

Wedding Flower Preservation is all about preserving your wedding flowers. Wedding is a most significant occasion in an individual’s life. Wedding flowers should be preserved to keep the moments evergreen in your memory, helping you cherish memories of special events thereby enriching your life. Moreover, flowers have supplied us with food, medicine and adornment from time immemorial. This page on Wedding Flower Preservation helps you preserve the classic look and consistent quality of your Wedding Flowers. Various Wedding Flower Preservation methods are used to keep flowers for a very long time.
One of the oldest and most assured methods of Wedding Flower Preservation is the ‘Victorian pressed flower process’.
And the contemporary method--‘freeze-dried technique’ is the newest and most innovated preservation process. The application of these methods results in beautiful and fresh looking flowers, as if they had just been picked up from the garden. Flowers like roses, lilies, iris and orchids can be preserved using these methods. The pressed flower process is a ‘labor intensive’ method. The process involves the pressing of each flower, (petal by petal) to preserve its rich and vibrant color. Another method is Freeze Drying. Also known as ‘lyophilization’, this process involves lowering of the temperature of an object and then using a vacuum to extract all the moisture. The duration of the process is generally four weeks.
No doubt, this process is quite slow, however, it enriches the color of the flowers and retain their original form.

In fact the most effective method for Wedding Flower Preservation is the freeze-dried method. And in this method, the stems of the flowers are also removed so that the blossoms can stand erect. After the drying procedure, each flower is also dipped in a solution that seals the flower and keeps them soft. Moreover, these flowers also need care. These dried wedding flowers should be exposed to direct sunlight and humidity. This will ensure their longevity. Flowers like Anthurium, Gardenia, Ginger, Heliconia, Hyacinth, Liatris, Calla Lilly, Narcissus, Cattleya and Japhet Orchid, Tuberose, Bird-of Paradise are recommended for freeze-drying, whereas certain flowers like Bourvardia, Chrysanthemum, and Lilac are not normally preserved.

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