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Church Wedding Flowers

Marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on earth. Couples usually plan to marry each other in Church notwithstanding the possibilities of other kinds of marriages like theme marriage, beach marriages etc. The purity and sanctity experienced in the church cannot be experienced elsewhere. Churches are decorated with varieties of flowers to make the ambience even more joyful. Flowers can make a gloom, dull environment bright and attractive But before thinking to plan a Church Wedding Flower one should always consult the Vicar. As because, some Churches don’t allow to buy wedding flowers from outside.
They provide floral arrangement for the wedding. Churches generally have regular people to help the couples to arrange for the wedding flowers.
The floral helpers make every nook and corner of the church a perfect place to exchange the sacred nuptial vows. The money paid to church for arranging the wedding flowers goes to the church fund.

As the church generally host more than one marriage daily, the floral helper hardly gets time to change the floral arrangement. In that case the cost of wedding flowers is to be shared by two different couples. If the church is decorated with the wedding flowers by the couples, it is usually decorated a day before the wedding ceremony takes place.
Different areas to be decorated in a church for your wedding are:

  • Lych-gate
  • Entrance
  • Pew ends
  • Isle ends
  • Pulpit
  • Window ledges
  • Columns
  • Alter steps

    A florist will generally choose orchids, white rose, and lilies with some ribbons for your marriage ceremony. To save money on wedding flower you can go for seasonal flowers which are available cheap in respective seasons. You can always ornate church with carnation, tulip or daisies as they are generally available through out the year. But before choosing wedding flowers one should ensure that these flowers are used generally as flowers for worship, for the purity and sanctity of the worship place should be always maintained.

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