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Wedding Candle Decorations

Thinking about edding Candle Decorations? Don’t you worry, we are here to provide with treasure trove of ideas to make your Wedding Candle Decoration a unique one. Wedding Candle Decoration is the center of attraction for the guests, family and friends on this solemn event. People like the Wedding Candle Décor very much and love to make it quite wonderful, gorgeous and elegant. Candle Decoration makes a dazzling, glowing and incredible wedding decoration. You can use feather candle decoration for the wedding. Adorn the wedding table with this excellent centerpiece that will look really different and unique.
This candleholder is made up of real pheasant feathers and dried natural materials. This will surely attract your guests towards them. Glittering Candles will add spark and sheen to your Wedding Candle Decoration.

Wedding Candles

How about arranging votive Wedding candles behind the glass panes of the lanterns? These lanterns-candle decoration will give of soft and loving light for the wedding evening. In fact, these candle decoration will create a romantic and alluring atmosphere when placed as centerpieces at wedding ceremonies. Are you planning for an outdoor wedding? Then, to design for an enchanted and mysterious look and appearance, arrange sleeves of aromatic candles to give of soft light in pastel colors. This will further add to the glimmering and shimmering environment of the wedding event. There can be glasses filled with water to float the scented candles.
In fact, you can even dress up the votives with small bags. Use gossamer color fabric for the running background. This looks simply stunning for the celebration event like wedding. How about the fabulous and unique floating candles on the pool or fountains if there is a huge garden for the wedding space? Adorn the walkways with illuminaries in couple design or heart shaped. Want to create a romantic mood in the event? Then arrange for light colored floating candles on a pretty bowl with frosted glass. This can be kept near the pillars to add to the celebration mood.

Candles, all decorated in glass is just fine for any party! There is a huge collection to choose from like a Small Martini Bowl with Floating Candle, Bubble-Stem Candlesticks with Taper Candles, Hurricane Lamps with Pillar Candles, Glass Stem Sphere Holders and Martini Sphere Holders with Sphere Candles and Large Martini Bowls, each containing Floating Candles.

For alluring wedding celebration, you can even spread opaque glass votive holders in the reception hall and create a world of dazzling candlelight. Different pastel colored rings in blue, lilac or mauve, pink and other light colors are used for encircling the base of a candle. They look stunning with the candles and are recommended accessories for decorating candles. It’s great decoration for the candle tapers. In fact, it is amazing when placed on the reception tables.

For Wedding Candle Decoration, you can also opt for the Claddagh. This Claddagh has a heart in the middle of the design. For ethnic and antique look, bring home the Irish customs and traditions. Decorate the panes and entrances with huge Claddagh. This is a 16th century Irish candle décor that symbolizes eternal love and friendship. In fact, the heart created in the center is the portrayal of love. The hands that depict true friendship surround this heart, and the crown, the head of the love i.e. the heart is symbolic of everlasting faithfulness or loyalty. Not only for decoration, this can also form the best of the wedding gifts.

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