Wedding Bouquets

Flowers are for every one. When words aren’t enough—say it with flowers! This is a universal truth. Feel the forces of nature with the wildest and the most untamed forms on your wedding, with marvelous Wedding Bouquets! The most beautiful, bewitching and untouched by civilization are the flowers.

  • You can present your loved ones with these pure, natural, rough, crisp and delicate flowers in shades of white and cream contrasted with dark winter foliages during any special occasions like Wedding.

  • Let the whole world be under the spell of celebration, decoration, shopping and gifting for the Weddings and Marriages. Let the exchanging of vows and rings become very special and fragrant with the fresh aroma of the Wedding Bouquets and Flowers.

  • In fact, Wedding Bouquets also form a great gift item for your loved ones, family, friends, brides and bridegrooms. In fact, brides carry their Wedding Bouquets—special bouquets full of blooming buds or flowers—the most natural artefacts of nature and elegant of all! Wedding Bouquets—all decorated with brightly hued flowers like orchids, lilies, rose (different colored), and freesia are an integral part of a Wedding.

  • Wedding Ceremony and festivity is incomplete without Wedding Bouquets. The most famous is the ‘bridal bouquet’.

  • The tradition of carrying bouquets dates back to several centuries. Romans believed that fresh fragrance of flowers ward off evil while Victorian people send love messages all hidden in flowers. Hence, people started to symbolize different flowers with different messages—like roses for everlasting love.

  • Wedding Bouquets represent a maiden’s personality, her choice of flowers—her taste and attitude; colors her behavior. Generally, the kind of bridal bouquet is advised by the bride’s florist, who keeps her dress and body in mind and chooses such a bouquet that reflects her admiring persona.

  • There are many wedding bouquets available in the flower shop to create the right ambience for the D-Day—the final grand day of wedding. Let the flowers complement your wedding style.

  • You can select for Posy bouquet that can be termed as semi-formal. Create more informal look with this Wedding Bouquet. This bouquet contains small flowers that remain tightly tied with each other. These flowers are known as ‘natural stems’.

  • Yet another that is usually carried ‘cradled’ in the arm is called Arm Spray Bouquet. For a softer effect, this bouquet can be filled with loose trails of flowers or it can also be filled with long stemmed flowers with lots of greenery.

  • Straus Bouquet—another Wedding Bouquet for brides. This bouquet contains flowers larger than posy.

  • Trail Bouquet can be quite narrow according to the slim personality of the bride or as wide too—anything that suits the bride.

  • Another Wedding Bouquet that holds importance is the Biedermeier Bouquet: the most structured and formal Wedding Bouquet of all. This bouquet if filled with flowers arranged in symmetrical circles.

  • Teardrop Bouquet is a traditional and formal Wedding Bouquet. This bouquet forms the most natural and free flowing look. The flattering and appealing feature of these bouquets is their long and elegant line of flowers.

  • Brides with vintage and elaborate gowns prefer these Shower Wedding Bouquets.

Last Updated: 29th November, 2017