Veterans Day Gift Ideas

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Veterans Day is the time to honor all American veterans for their courage and the sacrifices they have made for their nation. So, commemorate the day (November 11) by gifting a present to a veteran. This will make him feel that you appreciate the importance of his service to the nation. Aside from offering gifts to veterans, you may celebrate this occasion by getting your family and kids presents that'll inspire them to appreciate the service of veterans.

Ideas for Veterans Day Gifts

Below, you'll find some ideas on what gifts you may offer to a veteran or your dear one on this important day.

Patriotic accessories:

Gift a veteran a piece of patriotic lapel pin that's made of sterling silver plated with oxidized rhodium. Such a piece of jewelry may be adorned with syntheticsapphire and red and white cubic zirconia to enhance its look.

A commemorative watch made of stainless steel and embellished with golden accents can make a good choice for Veterans Day gifts. Just make sure the watch has patriotic motifs and engravings that show you indeed appreciate the service of the veteran for the nation.

Personalized garden flag: Gift your dear one a garden flag with the picture of an eagle. Such a flag should include blue, white, and red colors on one side to make it look like the U.S. national flag. This gift can be personalized by adding any message you'd prefer.

A special keepsake:

You may get your dear one who's a veteran a special keepsake such as a memorial ornament that comes with a golden ribbon loop which makes it easy to hang. This ornament is laser etched with the picture of the national flag. If you look for this gift in an online store, you can customize it by adding the veteran's name, rank, and important dates as well.

Personalized travel mugs:

Get a veteran a set of travel mugs personalized with an image of the national flag. Choose travel mugs which are dishwasher and microwave safe as well as unbreakable. If you're looking to offer something to your family on November 11, these travel mugs are a good option for you to consider.

Stars and stripes T-shirts:

If you'd like to get a present for a guy who's a veteran, well then a tie and dye shirt with star and stripes just as in the U.S. national flag can be one of the interesting Veterans Day gift ideas. You may look for fabric that's comfortable to wear, such as cotton and make sure the three colors of the national flag – red, blue, and white are displayed through the shirt.

Peach and berry pie:

You can prepare peach and berry pie at home to celebrate November 11 even if you may not have a veteran at home. It's how you do something special for your family and make the kids aware of the importance of this occasion. The blueberries, raspberries, and peaches help create a recipe that includes all the colors of the national flag. So, it does help people recollect why November 11 is a special day.

Commemorative tree:

There are organizations and institutions that pay their homage to veterans by planting trees in their honor. You too can do the same for a veteran who's close to you. If one of your family members is a veteran, well then you can plant a tree in your garden in his honor.

Letter book with precious memories:

If you know some of the veteran's buddies, get written accounts of the wars they've fought and moments they've spent together. You may also have the buddies write a letter to the veteran and hand it over to you. You can actually have the letters and the memories written down in a letter book, thus creating a gift that a veteran will surely appreciate.

Movies related to military history: You may gift DVDs and CDs of movies that focus on U.S. wars so as to appreciate the sacrifices made by veterans. Such a present can be offered to a veteran who's a family member. If you'd like to make your family aware of the contribution of US veterans, well then also you may get such DVDs and CDs and play them at home.

Patriotic desk accessories:

One of the Veterans Day gift ideas which are sure to impress the recipient is a patriotic desk accessory such as a glass paperweight that comes with the image of the national flag and a bald eagle design engraved on it. You can customize the gift by adding a statement like “Proud to be an American”, which goes with the theme of November 11 observance.

A beautifully crafted American eagle pen holder along with stars and stripes (as in the national flag) rollerball pen makes a good combination for a gift you may offer on this occasion. Any veteran is sure to appreciate such a gift from you. Such a present is sure to impress and inspire any other person who receives it.

Stars and stripes deluxe party kit:

Get your dear one or a veteran a deluxe party kit which includes table cover in blue and white stripes, blue and red lunch napkins, beverage napkins, dinner plates, cups, spoons, and forks. A serving tray in blue and white stripes, a centerpiece, and stars confetti included in such a kit makes this gift even more valuable. Such a kit often comes with red and blue latex balloons, crepe streamers, and ribbons for your patriotic party decoration.


A basket of star, flag, and heart-shaped cookies are just ideal to make a veteran smile on this important day. Sharing such cookies with the veteran is a great way to thank him for his service to the nation.

Patriotic jewelry:

A sterling silver plate necklace with the image of the U.S. national flag engraved on it is one of the interesting Veterans Day gifts that women would love to receive. The sterling silver plating is UV resistant and waterproof as well. The necklace may come in a black felt bag.

Alternatively, a men's or women's military awareness bracelet can also make an impressive gift for this occasion. You may find bracelets in sterling silver adorned with golden ribbon accents. Such a present is a thoughtful way to appreciate someone who serves the military, and it helps create a special memory for the recipient. You can make it more exciting by customizing it with text engraving that'll inspire the person while he or she is on deployment.

Photo tote bags:

One of the Veterans Day gift ideas that the recipient may appreciate is a photo tote bag. Look for a tote bag online so that you can personalize it by adding a photo of your choice. You can have the photo of your veteran engraved there or you may choose any image that goes with the theme of this November 11 event.

These gifts will help you show your appreciation and express your gratitude to a veteran. You'll also be able to inspire your dear ones in understanding the importance of serving as a veteran.

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