Last Updated: 14th February, 2020

Happy Hug Day 2020 (12th Feb)

Happy Hug Day 2020

Hug Day, which is the sixth day of the Valentine's Week, is celebrated every year on February 12. A hug is the simplest way of expressing love and affection. Embrace your sweetheart, catch up with friends and family and express how much you care . Give them a tight, warm squeeze and make them feel that you will never ever stop loving them no matter what. If on this Hug Day you are away from your loved ones then send them these cute and warm sms, quotes and messages, greetings to bring a smile to their face. show your love and care to your dear ones on this Hug Day.

Hug Day Messages

  • I am wishing you a hug day, with lots of love, care and smile, I want to hug you my dear, Can you too. Happy hug day
  • Just give a warm hug to Bucket of flowers sent by me, I just imagine that i got your hug. Happy hug day
  • A warm hug may give life, A sweet smile may give happiness, And a true love may give never ending relationship. Happy hug day
  • Hug to someone special at hug day, And say him love you, And then see the effect. Happy hug day
  • I love it when you hug me, it's best feeling in the world.
    Happy Hug Day.

Hug Day Quotes

  • A hug a day keeps the demons at bay.
    German Proverb
  • Hugging: the truest form of giving and receiving.
    Carol C. C. Miller
  • A kiss without a hug is like a flower without the fragrance.
  • A hug is the shortest distance between friends.
  • You can't wrap love in a box, but you can wrap a person in a hug.

Hug Day Wallpapers

Hug Day Wallpaper

Hug Day Images

Hug Poem

I Need A Hug

At the end of a lengthy
And tiring day
When Ive faced the world
In my own way

When Im hungry and cranky
And Feeling uptight
And a day has passed
when nothing went right

When my body a craving
The warmth of another
And my poor aching muscles
Compete with each other

When Im insecure
And a little bit nutty
And my mind is exhausted
My body like putty

When Im affectionate
Loving and caring
And want to enjoy
A real moment of sharing

I turn you Kristin
I love you
By George Harrison

Yearning For A Hug

It's been 18 months
Since you have left
Our loving home

To give it a whirl
To make on your own
To be miss independent

All I can do
Is think and wonder
What you are doing

I pray to God
Every day and night
That he keep you safe

I can only hope
That someday you
Will return

Because all I
Yearn for
Is one great big hug
By Scott Austin

I Need Your Hug

Hug me
But don't let go
I want you to stay
I want you to know

I need you with me
You make me feel bright
So just hug me
Right through the night

It's what I want
Maybe even a kiss
You make me feel special
I can't turn away from this
By Ashley

A Little Soft Hug

I just wanted to send you
A little soft
and gentle hug,
Just because you are someone
so very special,
that I like to love.

So receive my hug today
That I send you
from my heart,
For all the love of Jesus
and all the joy of heaven,
I so wish to impart.
By Tom Jack

A Hug At Arms Length

An inveigled law impossible to define
Or a ratiocination barring sensations sublime
Now be it a resolution
Benumbing meaningful hugs
While our reassuring arms are brazenly shackled
As if we were thugs
No longer a caring a closeness
Dare be perceived
Nor a lasting acceptance possibly believed
A new forbiddance of sharing souls
Now mandated by the court
By a purblind law demanding
Denying hugs now be tort
Relegating a closeness a bonding forbiddingly conceived
Dare a bad touch to a child be mistakenly perceived
Hence a comforting shield from unannounced harm
Now regulated by law to a securing glance
Or meaningless words of charm
Now be it...A warm welcoming smile dissolves undiscovered
With only chance eye contact diminishing hope it's discovered
No longer a child shall a teacher's caring soul to greet
Nor our soul's selflessness without sharing hugs when we meet
A law regulating human hugs
They would deceivingly bestow
A hug at arms length...
Is no way to greet a child we know
By Robert John Meehan


I need a hug
I'm feeling sad
Am missing you today;
Would be so great,
I would be glad
If you could get away.

We'd take our time
And talk about
The things we want to do;
But, most of all,
I would be glad
To get a hug from you.

We'd go for lunch
And take a walk
Along the beach together;
Warm or cold,
I would be glad,
Not affected by the weather.

I need a hug
I miss your touch
Your kisses and your smile;
So visit me,
Just hold me close,
And hug me for a while.
By Gail Grierson