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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Are you looking for exciting valentine gifts for boyfriend? Here are a couple of suggestions on the presents that can help express your love for that special someone and make this Valentine's Day a memorable one for him.

Valentine Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

Forever Rose –

Rose is the symbol of eternal love and beauty. It is a classic example of never-ending love for each other. How amazing it would be if the rose remains eternal like your love and signify it. Well, yes this can happen not just in fairy tales but also in reality. Gift a forever rose to your loved one which would signify your unending love. It will not only appear elegant but also unique.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

100 Ways to Spend Time Together-

Spend Time Together

Finally, the answer to the age old question: What do you want to do tonight? Try Something New is a one of its kind journal or compact idea encyclopaedia that provides you with 100 different ways to enjoy, discover and create excitement for a couple. Try Something New has ideas for every couple, no matter what your age, budget or interests. Once complete, answer the questions in the book to record the results of your adventure. Guaranteed Excitement for that special man in your life starting this Valentine's ;)

Watch Box-

Watch Box

Now Treasure an Important Date While Keeping Watches Organized in a Beautifully Crafted Leather Box which is marked with that special date in dd/mm/yy format. Not only will your man be able to keep his watches together in one designated place but will also be reminded of that special date which brought you two together.

Love Pills-

Online Valentine's Day Gift Ideas Love Pills

Surprise your beloved everyday by gifting him a box of love pills that would make his day! Love pills are small capsules with tiny cut out love notes inside. Ask him to open one each day to feel your love for him in the most special manner. A hearty note from you every day will spice up your relationship all the more.

Customized Hip Flasks-

Valentine's Day Customized Hip Flasks

This is one gift most men are fond of! Let your love mix up with the intoxication of wine. A customized hip flask will remind him of you every time he takes in a sip of that heady drink.

Personalized Sweatshirts-

Personalized Sweatshirts

Let your attire be in sync with your feelings! Gift your man that special sweatshirt you always wanted to see him in. Dress him up in your love by designing a sweatshirt that he can cherish forever.

Ideas for Valentine Gifts for Him

Valentines gifts for her? Easy! Chocolates, roses, teddy bears, and all things nice! But what about Valentines gifts for him? Xbox? Nah, that was his birthday wish...maybe a cologne? But whats so flattering about a cologne? Well, to find out some unique V-Day gift ideas for your man, read on!

Premium shave set-

Gift your love a luxurious gift this Valentine's Day. Give him a premium shave kit which he can use in his everyday life. You can't go wrong with these gifts. Grooming products are some of the most thoughtful and useful gifts you can buy for men. grooming gifts are not only thoughtful — they're actually useful, too. A task every man, no matter how young or old, does on a daily basis.

A Bow Tie Set -

A Bow Tie Set

Valentine's Day is the day of love. It is a day to let your man know your feelings for him. As we know men are not good at shopping (at least not better than women) but they have certain meetings to attend on a day to day basis. So, this Valentine's Day, give your boy a fantastic surprise. It is you who could groom your partner and add class and glamour to the appearance of your man. Gift him an amazing 3 piece package of the necktie, a pocket square and a pair of cufflinks. Be it any meeting, a business party or a wedding this set will make him look amazing at all occasions.

Personalized beer tankard -

Personalized beer tankard

Whatever is the favorite beer of your boyfriend, make sure he has an amazing beer tankard. And if you are gifting him a tankard, make sure you gift him a personalized one as whenever he will be drinking in that one he will surely think of you. Gift him a gorgeous personalized tankard which has a modern take on it. He can drink any drink of his choice in that so the tankard will be a perfect present for your boyfriend in case he likes to sip his drink in style. No matter what the occasion is this absolutely stylish vessel will make a perfect gift for him.

Bluetooth Silicon Shower Speaker –

If your man likes to listen to some songs in the shower then this gift is made for him. Give him a relaxation treatment by gifting him this amazing shower speaker. After all, what could be better than listening to your favorite song while you relax and warm water comes gushing at you. You just need to access Bluetooth from your phone within a range of 10 meters and then you can use both the speaker and shower together.

Basket of Snacks

Basket of Snacks
  • you take care of his calories and carbs. But Valentines comes just once a year. Why not spoil him with all his favorite junk 'forbidden food just this one time?

  • Make a huge basket of snacks he loves nibbling – from M&Ms, Twix chocolates, and Cheetos to Red Bull, bacon, and beef burgers. Let him have it all! I guarantee that his love for you will increase tenfold!

Guys Night Out

  • Get him tickets to his favorite game and let the guy have an entire day off with his buddies- of course, this will be post Valentines, but I believe that it would make a fantastic gift to give on Valentines! Trust me, your man along with his pals are going to see you in a new light!

At your service, monsieur!

  • How about you treating your guy with not only a special breakfast in bed, but also lunch and dinner? Heres how you go about it–make a breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu (try to include things that you know he loves) and serve it to him as soon as he wakes up.

  • Let him pick his choices for all the three and get to work! Important points to be kept while executing this idea: Ensure you have all the groceries required and include a 3- course appetizing menu to make it more appealing. Although this is a lot of work, Im certain itll pay off!

Sweet Notes or Gift Vouchers

  • This is a fairly simple idea. All you have to do is write some teenie-weenie love notes such as, "youre the peanut butter to my jelly" or "the best thing about me is you" and give him these notes by the hour, throughout the day.

  • Your last note should be something very special. For that, you can get him a gift voucher or perhaps make a voucher yourself! For example – write something like "I will ___". The blank here is to be filled by your boyfriend/husband meaning that you will do whatever he says!

  • So instead of writing flowery love notes, you can also make vouchers for him, with terms and conditions – explicitly stating the date till the voucher is valid or other conditions you may have in mind - mind you, all in jest!


  • Include pictures, candies, decorations, movie/game tickets or gift coupons he can use. This will never go wrong.

Under the Starlit Sky

Under the Starlit Sky
  • If you can pull this off, Id say this is the best Valentines Day gift ever. Its not something uncommon or rare. But it is so filled with love and romance that people still have not got tired of this idea.

  • So if you and your guy are die-hard romantics and love mushy stuff, this is what you should do - find a secluded spot in a park at night (rather than booking a dinner table at a fancy restaurant which I think is too mainstream) and set up a makeshift tent decorated with white fairy lights. Then, all you need is a bottle of champagne and some piping-hot, lip-smacking food.

In the end, no matter what you gift to your sweetheart, as long as you do it with love, theres no such thing as a good gift or a bad one! Happy Valentines!

Valentine Gift Ideas for Husband

Valentine's Day is the right opportunity to show your husband how much you love and care for him. On this special day, gift your partner something that he will treasure for years to come.

An Aromatic Personalised Large Valentine's Candle:

Large Valentine's Candle

Your husband often comes home tired and exhausted after a long and hectic day at the office. There are traces of irritation in his tone which reflect how weary he has turned because of the busy day. Well, as you know your man is looking for peace at that time. Provide him with peace and rekindle the romance within you two. Give your love a whole new candle which has a personalized message on it of your choice. Sit with him after lighting that candle while reading the message which you have chosen for him. Express your love for him in the candlelight. This will not only calm him down but also create a romantic environment for both of you.

Snack Gift Baskets:

Snack Gift Baskets
  • Gift your husband a basket full of hazelnut chocolate cocoa, sweet butter cookies, wine and cheese biscuits, dry roasted peanuts, and a cheddar cheese straw.

  • You can look for some more stuff like salted pistachios, white cheddar popcorn, and potato chips.

Photo Frame:

Photo Frame
  • Gift your husband a beautiful photo frame that comes with a lovely photo of you two. You can choose a photo from a vacation you have enjoyed the most with him. It will serve as a wonderful memory that he will cherish forever.

Homemade Sweet Treats:

Homemade Sweet Treats
  • Bake a heart-shaped cake or some delicious cookies that will delight your husband and make him feel loved and treasured. -Decorate your bedroom to create a romantic mood:

  • Get a bag full of streamers, twinkling lights, and hanging hearts and lanterns to adorn your bedroom and give it a perfect romantic look. This is one of the valentine gifts for husbands that can make them feel very special.

  • As an alternative, you can go for a basket that includes an assortment of nutty chocolates and cookies, hazelnut truffles, and gourmet almonds.

  • A gift basket comprising chocolate caramel peanut clusters, peanut butter delights, and champagne will also delight your husband on this special occasion.

Romantic Lunch/dinner Cruise:

  • Explore the beautiful scenery while enjoying a romantic cruise with your beloved on Valentine's Day. Let there be some tasty wine, music, and dance to brighten your day and make it extra special for the both of you.

Spa Gift Baskets:

Spa Gift Baskets
  • One of the popular Valentine gifts for husband is a grooming and spa gift basket that has a sandalwood body bar, a manicure set, a shower gel, body oil, and a peppermint foot lotion with tea tree oil. Your husband will enjoy this gift long after Valentine's Day, too.

Membership At A Fitness Club:

  • This Valentine's Day, gift your husband with something that will help him take care of his health. Get him a membership at a fitness club that has all the equipments and the right ambience to spend some quality time in daily workouts.

Personalized iPad Case:

Personalized iPad Case
  • Get your husband an iPad case made of quality black leather with a black velvet interior. You can customize this iPad case by having your husband's initials engraved on it in gold or silver.

  • Your partner will love this gift from you, and he will be assured that his iPad is protected with this case when he is traveling for business purposes.


  • One of the valentine gifts for husbands is a camcorder equipped with the latest features. You can choose the Sony MHS-PM5 bloggie HD Video Camera which can help your spouse record 5 MP and 1920x1080 HD still images. Such a camcorder comes with PMB portable software that helps in easy uploading to web.

  • As an alternative, you can gift a Contour HD 1080P Helmet Camera that has full HD recording and a 5 Megapixel sensor. There is an internal microphone as well.

Plan A Weekend Vacation:

Plan A Weekend Vacation
  • Surprise your husband this Valentine's Day by sharing your plans for a weekend vacation. Choose a romantic secluded beach where you can have a great time with your spouse, exploring the scenery and sharing cozy moments just to rekindle the romance between the two of you.

  • Don't wait for your husband to make all the arrangements. Instead, take charge of the situation yourself and plan the vacation as perfectly as you can.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Girlfriend

Your girlfriend is sure to expect an exciting gift from you on Valentine's Day. Make her feel all the more special with a present which shows how much you think and care for her.

Bag of hearts:

Delight your girlfriend with a decorative red bag full of mini heart-shaped love tokens. Such a romantic present will surely capture her heart!

Message in a Bottle:

  • A love poem or a romantic message written on a scroll paper which is then placed inside a gorgeous wine bottle is one of the popular Valentine's Day gifts for girlfriends. It will be a perfect keepsake for your sweetheart.

Gift Card to Her Favorite Spa:

  • Get your special someone a gift card to her favorite spa and let her relax and unwind on Valentine's Day.

  • Women love to get pampered with spa and beauty products. So, your present is sure to be appreciated by your girlfriend!

Romantic Dinner Cruise:

  • Take your girlfriend out for a romantic dinner cruise and let her enjoy the evening with great food, live music, and some dancing under the starry night.

  • This is one of the most romantic presents you can get your lover on an occasion as special as Valentine's Day.

Fantastic Piece of Jewelry:

  • Touch the heart of that special lady in your life by gifting her a fabulous piece of jewelry like a sterling silver necklace with floral patterns and designs.

  • You can also choose a necklace embellished with her birthstone. Such a present will surely remain close to her heart.

Chocolates and Candies:

  • Chocolates and sweet treats are popular Valentine Day gifts for girlfriends. Your lover will enjoy her favorite chocolate chip cookie mix, chocolate truffles, hot chocolate mix, and chocolate dipped strawberries – all arranged in a beautiful gift basket decorated with ribbons.

  • Alternatively, you can choose candy bars that are packaged in a stunning romantic gift box decorated with heart-shaped and floral designs.

Digital Photo Frame:

  • Women love to receive presents that remind them of memories they treasure. This Valentine's Day, get her a digital photo frame which serves as a keepsake of a very special moment you have shared together.

  • Cover your present with an attractive wrapper and present a Valentine's Day card along with it. Your warm and lovely wishes will brighten her day and make her feel extra special. 

Silver Candlesticks:

  • Offer a set of three tall silver candlesticks to your lover on Valentine's Day. If she loves to appreciate the finer things in life, your present is sure to touch her heart.

  • A silver plated crystal diamond ring candlestick holder will also make an impressive gift for your dear one.

Beautiful Floral Arrangement:

  • Delight your girlfriend with a fantastic arrangement of flowers like fresh roses, button poms, daisy poms, and multi-colored carnations.

  • A floral arrangement of colorful gerbera daisies or a combination of spray roses, deep purple double lisianthus, and fuchsia roses that comes in a handsome basket can actually bring a sweet smile on your lover's face on Valentine Day.

  • Add a cuddly teddy bear and a box of delicious candies to greet your girlfriend with a perfect present!

Personalized Mugs:

  • A set of coffee mugs that come with unique designs and special messages is a good choice for Valentine Day gifts for girlfriends.

  • Customize this set of mugs with cute and adorable messages for your lover. You can use words like charming, funny, beautiful, and brilliant to describe her.

  • To add value to your present, fix a ruby red heart with a key ring attached to the handle of a mug, and it will make an interesting present for your sweetheart. 

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Her

Look beyond the standard chocolate and flowers and teddy bears this Valentine's Day. Impress the lady in your life with one of these unique gift options.

Massage pillow –

Not everyone can afford enough time to go to the spa on a regular basis. If your girl is one of those people then this is a perfect gift for her This massage cushion can be the next best thing in her. This multipurpose pillow will not only massage neck but also other parts of the body so you will not have to purchase different types of massage products. The pillow is not only cuddly but also soothing so your girl is surely going to miss you whenever she will use this pillow.

Personalized Homesick candles –

Are you aware of the fact that scent is one such thing which is closely associated with memory? Gift your girl fragrant candles which make her miss you. Give her candles which are hand-poured, formulated by authentic aromas which compel her to miss you whenever she feels that scent around her. These candles will serve as a perfect gift for your candlelight dinner dates too. So, go ahead and gift her these amazing candles.

Happy Thoughts Glasses and Coffee Mugs -

Kick off a day full of love with a glass full of good vibes or a cup brimming over with cheer. With messages like, “You are my Superwoman!,” and “You are the best part of my day, every day,” there’s no way she could start her morning—and every morning from now on—with anything less than a smile and thoughts of you. 

Zodiac Constellation Pendant-

Zodiac Constellation Pendant

This simple constellation necklace is dainty, pretty, and economical. Personalize the charm based on your ladylove's zodiac sign and favorite color (options include antique gold, turquoise, and bright pink), so she knows you chose and designed it just for her. 

Love Bands-

Love Bands

Take it for a fact, a ring is the most special way to express love to your lady. Love bands are the fads couples have been indulging in lately. Specially designed for lovers, these are available in unique styles to hold love in a relationship. Feel the warmth of togetherness by embellishing these love bands on your fingers. 

Chocolate Messages-

Chocolate Messages

Surprise her with your feelings as she opens that little box of chocolates gifted by you. Gifting chocolates might be an age old idea, but chocolates carrying personalized messages is absolutely a unique surprise. Express your love with messages specially engraved on chocolates to amalgamate unbound sweetness in your life. 

Picture Lamps-

You may be the last person she thinks of before dozing off at night, but how about also being the last one she sees at night? A photo lamp is the best idea to make sure she looks at you before moving on to the dreams. Gift her a personalized lamp with the pictures of your moments together!  

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Wife

Valentine's Day is the ideal time to add that extra touch of romance in your life and show your wife how much you love her.Whether you get her an expensive gift or you want to get a bit creative and gift her something cute and adorable, just make sure this Valentine's Day becomes all the more special for your beloved. -

A large heart-shaped cookie:

  • You can give your wife a delightful treat by baking a large cookie. Just cut a roll of refrigerated cookie dough into the shape of a heart.

  • Bake the cookie and decorate it with miniature candy hearts and colored icing. You can also add your message to the cake with candy letters to make it even better.

Photos in a lovely picture frame:

  • Photos are a reminder of the best moments you have shared with your dear ones.

  • You can actually help your wife recollect such wonderful memories with an elegant picture frame that has a photo of the memory she would like to cherish forever.

CDs of your wife's favorite music:

  • One of the valentine gifts for wife can be a gift basket full of CDs of her favorite music. She is sure to enjoy this precious gift from her valentine. 

Valentine Candles:

  • Brighten your wife's day with a beautiful valentine gift like a set of red colored heart-shaped tea light candles.

  • As an alternative, you can go for a combination of red and white candles and an elegant candleholder, all packed in a decorative gift box.

  • A collection of chestnut brown rose candles is a good choice for a unique Valentine Day's gift for your wife.

  • Red and pink colored long stem rose candles arranged ina beautiful vase can make a great present for your sweetheart. This can also serve as an elegant centerpiece for your table.


  • One of the popular valentine gifts for wife is a bouquet of her favorite flowers. You can choose a bouquet of gorgeous red and pink roses, lilies, gerbera daisies, and alstroemeria.

  • A basket full of pink carnations, daisy poms, and roses makes an adorable gift for your beloved wife.

  • A mini rose plant paired with a charming plush bear can bring a sweet smile on your wife's face, especially if you are newly married.

Gift Certificates:

  • Get your wife a gift certificate which lets her shop from her favorite retail outlet or online store. As an alternative, you can pamper her with a gift certificate to a famous spa where she will be able to freshen up and rejuvenate herself. 

Silk rose petals in a heart-shaped bottle:

  • Make your wife feel special with a pristine and clear heart bottle filled with red silk rose petals and a scroll with a love message. This is one of the valentine gifts that are sure to delight her.

A Romantic Gift Package:

  • This Valentine's Day, impress your wife with a gift package that has love tokens with words like“hug” and “kiss” engraved on them.

  • These packages also include puffy heart-shaped gemstones that come in a red satin pouch and a red glass keepsake heart bottle wrapped with a red ribbon.

  • A golden keychain is fixed to the red ribbon. Such a present is sure to be appreciated by your beloved.

Jewelry Gifts:

  • Among the popular valentine gifts for wife, an exquisite piece of jewelry is something that can add glow to one's smile.

  • You can go for a gemstone necklace or a pendant and chain that has a gleam of silver or gold, which can help your wife make a style statement.

  • Alternatively, you can go for a bracelet that's adorned with semiprecious stones like amethyst, topaz, pink pearls, and silver beads.

  • You can look for some vintage jewelry just in case your wife is fond of it. This will add an extra touch to your love and romance with your wife.

Specialty Gift Baskets:

  • This Valentine's Day, get your wife a basket that comes with massage oil candles, a bottle of cider, and champagne glasses.

  • Add variety to this gift basket by including an assortment of candies and chocolates.


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