Valentine Flowers

Flowers and Valentine's Day go hand in hand. And that's because they're beautiful and sweet, just like the person you want to give them to. But did you know that many types of flowers also have unique meanings? That's right – you can turn a traditional bouquet into a special message of love, by picking out flowers based on their meanings. -


Flowers Meaning
Red Flower Passion, Love and appreciation
Aster Contentment
Red chrysanthemum Sharing
Yellow chrysanthemumSecret admirer
Iris Inspiration
LarkspurBeautiful spirit
OrchidsDelicate beauty
Pink rose Admiration and grace
Yellow rose Delight, friendship and joy
Lavender roseLove at first sight
Pink tulips Caring
Red tulipsDeclaration of love
Yellow tulipsHopelessly in love

You can team your bouquet up with an ecard from DGreetings, or a traditional greeting card, that explains the meanings behind the flowers. Or, instead of giving these lovely blooms in a bouquet, you can use them to decorate the venue of your date. Or you can create a trail with flower petals, leading to a special surprise you've created for your sweetheart. No matter how you use them, their enchanting scents and soft colors make flowers a wonderful gift, and one that will bring a smile to anyone's face.