Love Assessment

Maximum As:
You are into a mediocre relationship whose fate in the long run appears to be very dicey. A short term romance is on the cards but long term commitment and a 'soul mate' thing simply seems to be lacking. However, an open discussion with our partner and clarifying him/her of your expectations from the relationship might do some magic.

Maximum Bs:
OMG. Another Titanic is in the making. Your relationship will survive all the storms and the love will blossom forever. 'Soul Mates' is the word for you both. There's no ambiguity in saying that there's a divine intervention of the Lord Almighty in bringing you both together. You truly are made for each other.

Maximum Cs:
Expecting a long term relationship would be the most foolish thing for you. You both have somehow managed to hook on to each other but haven't given your relationship a serious thought, ever. Those around you if say that it will work out, they are probably telling you the biggest lie of their life. Don't wait much and get out of this relationship in a healthy manner. Denying the reality for long will only make you suffer a lot later.