When is Memorial Day in 2018?

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Memorial Day Calendar
Year Date
2016 Monday, May 30th
2017 Monday, May 29th
2018 Monday, May 28th
2019 Monday, May 27th

Memorial Day pays tribute to the brave soldiers who have served in the armed forces in protecting the statute of a great nation. Though the practiced started with commemorating the brave Union soldiers who served in the American Civil War it is now a general observation where all the members of the armed forces are equally remembered and honored. 
In 2018, it'll be celebrated on Monday, May 28th.

Origin of Memorial Day

Memorial Day, called “Decoration Day” at the time, was first officially celebrated in 1868 to acknowledge the contribution of Union soldiers who had died in the American Civil War.  The tradition spread across the United States and came to encompass first Confederate soldiers, then all American soldiers who had given their lives in any conflict. By the end of the First World War, Memorial Day had become a day of nationalism and general remembrance for the dead.

Origin of Memorial Day

How Will Memorial Day be Celebrated in 2018?

  1. On Memorial Day in 2018, as always, ceremonies will be held at national cemeteries and memorials. One of the most famous events, the National Memorial Day Parade, will make its way down Constitution Avenue in Washington, D.C. The parade is sponsored by the World War II Veterans' Committee and is dedicated to the service of America's soldiers. 
  2. National Memorial Day Parade

  3. Another traditional Memorial Day observe will be held in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The annual Memorial Day service will be organized at the Soldiers' National Monument, located in Gettysburg National Cemetery. The memorial service will be followed by a parade, for all to participate in and honor the sacrifices made by American soldiers.
  4. The oldest and simplest tradition of Memorial Day is to offer flowers in honor of the departed, placing them on gravesites and national monuments. This tradition is sure to be enacted around the country in 2018, this Memorial Day. Most people in the U.S. will also observe the National Moment of Remembrance, held at 3 P.M. local time. You are also likely to catch sight of people flying the P.O.W. Flag, which stands for the nation's concern for those who have been held as prisoners of war.
  5. offer flowers

  6. The Indianapolis 500 has been one of the most recognizable events associated with Memorial Day since its inception in 1911. This 500-mile motor race held in Indianapolis always takes place on the Sunday that comes prior to Memorial Day itself, and has become a major symbol of the holiday weekend. Memorial Day in 2018 will be sure to witness this IndyCar race again, and you should definitely get the tickets in advance if you'd like to be a spectator.
  7. Memorial Day is not just a holiday, but a fine tribute to the sacrifices of our many unsung heroes. This day is about more than just putting flowers on a soldier's or loved one's grave. What's also important is to make everyone in society aware of the reasons why Memorial Day needs to be observed. Only then will people realize that they, too, should support their nation and one another, just as our brave soldiers have always done.

Last Updated: 26th May, 2017