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4th of July Quotes

Looking for some patriotic quotes to send to your family and friends this Independence Day? Check out this page where you would come across awesome Fourth of July quotes by famous personalities. So, celebrate the independence of the nation by sharing these patriotic quotes with your family and friends. These inspirational 4th July quotes and sayings will renew your patriotism and know the importance and essence of this day.

Best 4th of July Quotes

Then join hand in hand brave Americans all! By uniting we stand by dividing we fall. John Dickinson

America.. it is the only place where miracles not only happen, but where they happen all the time. –Thomas Wolfe


Liberty is the breath of life to nations. George Bernard Shaw

It's better to fight for something in life than to die for nothing.Gen. George S. Patton

The legacy of heroes-the memory of a great name, and the inheritance of a great example.Benjamin Disraeli

The winds that blow through the wide sky in these mounts, the winds that sweep from Canada to Mexico, from the Pacific to the Atlantic - have always blown on free men.
~Franklin D. Roosevelt

Patriotic Quotes On 4th of July

One flag, one land, one heart, one hand,
One Nation evermore!
- Oliver Wendell Holmes

Do not let anyone claim tribute of American patriotism if they even attempt to remove religion from politics. George Washington's

Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech. Benjamin Franklin

Hail! Independence, hail! Heaven's next best gift,
To that of life and an immortal soul! -James Thomson

The advancement and diffusion of knowledge is the only guardian of true liberty. – James Madison

If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear. George Orwell

Liberty has never come from the government. Liberty has always come from the subjects of it. The history of liberty is a history of resistance. Woodrow Wilson

America means opportunity, freedom, power.–Ralph Waldo Emerson, Public and Private Education

The American, by nature, is optimistic. He is experimental, an inventor, and a builder who builds best when called upon to build greatly. John F. Kennedy

Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better. ~Albert Camus

I believe in America because we have great dreams, and because we have the opportunity to make those dreams come true. – Wendell L. Wilkie

You cannot conquer America.–William Pitt, speech, House of Lords

My country tis of thee sweet land of liberty.
Samuel Francis Smith

Let every man do his duty, and be true to his country.–Anonymous, rallying cry, Boston Tea Party

The American Revolution was a beginning, not a consummation.
Woodrow Wilson

Famous Happy Fourth of July Quotes

It's better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.
-Emiliano Zapata

A good many elderly people are afflicted with dreadful headaches on the Fourth of July; but I suspect they don't mind it very much, for in every puff of blue smoke that wreathes itself under their noses, they see a boy's or a girl's happy face. William H. Rideing


In every human breast, God has implanted a principle, which we call love of freedom; it is impatient of oppression and pants for deliverance.–Phillis Wheatley

Independence now and forever! –Daniel Webster

It is easy to take liberty for granted, when you have never had it taken from you. Dick Cheney

Independence Day Quotes

Best 4th of July Quotes

Patriotism consists not in waving the flag, but in striving that our country shall be righteous as well as strong. James Bryce

Let us dare to read, think, speak and write.
John Adams

Best 4th of July Quotes

May we think of freedom,
not as the right to do as we please,
but as the opportunity to do what is right.
Peter Marshall

All we have of freedom, all we use or know -This our fathers bought for us long and long ago.
~Rudyard Kipling

It is the love of country that has lighted and that keeps glowing the holy fire of patriotism.
J. Horace McFarland

It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God that such men lived. George S. Patton

May the sun in his course visit no land more free, more happy, more lovely, than this our own country! - Daniel Webster

I am an American, free born and free bred, where I acknowledge no man as my superior, except for his own worth, or as my inferior, except for his own demerit.
Theodore Roosevelt

You cannot be disciplined in great things and undisciplined in small things. Brave undisciplined men have no chance against the discipline and valour of other men. Have you seen a few policemen handle a crowd?
George S. Patton Jr.

That these united colonies are, and of right ought to be, free and independent states; that they are absolved from all allegiance to the British crown; and that all political connection between them and the State of Great Britain is, and ought to be, totally dissolved.
Richard Henry Lee

Idleness and pride tax with a heavier hand than kings and parliaments. If we can get rid of the former, we may easily bear the latter.
Benjamin Franklin

In childhood the daylight always fails too soon—except when there are going to be fireworks; and then the sun dawdles intolerably on the threshold like a tedious guest.
Jan Struther

We are free, truly free, when we don't need to rent our arms to anybody in order to be able to lift a piece of bread to our mouths.
Ricardo Flores Magon

For what avail the plough or sail, or land or life, if freedom fail?
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Then join hand in hand, brave Americans all! By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall.
John Dickinson

The United States is the only country with a known birthday.
James G. Blaine

Democracy is the government of the people, by the people, for the people.
Abraham Lincoln

In the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed; it must be achieved.
Franklin D. Roosevelt

Best 4th of July Quotes

Who then is free? The one who wisely is lord of themselves, who neither poverty, death or captivity terrify, who is strong to resist his appetites and shun honors, and is complete in themselves smooth and round like a globe
– Horace

Famous Independence Day Quotes

Red is for victory,
white is for purity,
blue is for loyalty USA where courage n' Fortitude is the Norm!

A man's country is not a certain area of land, of mountains, rivers, and woods, but it is a principle; and patriotism is loyalty to that principle .
– George William Curtis

The will of the people is the only legitimate foundation of any government, and to protect its free expression should be our first object
– Thomas Jefferson

As Mankind becomes more liberal, they will be more apt to allow that all those who conduct themselves as worthy members of the community are equally entitled to the protections of civil government. I hope ever to see America among the foremost nations of justice and liberality
- George Washington

It ought to be commemorated, as the Day of Deliverance by solemn Acts of Devotion to God Almighty. I am well aware of the Toil and Blood and Treasure, that it will cost Us to maintain this Declaration, and support and defend these States. Yet through all the Gloom I can see the Rays of ravishing Light and Glory. I can see that the End is more than worth all the Means. And that Posterity will tryumph in that Days Transaction, even altho we should rue it, which I trust in God We shall not.
- John Adams

Every good citizen makes his country's honor his own, and cherishes it not only as precious but as sacred. He is willing to risk his life in its defence and is conscious that he gains protection while he gives it
– Andrew Jackson

That which distinguishes this day from all others is that then both orators and artillerymen shoot blank cartridges.
~John Burroughs, Journal

If our country is worth dying for in time of war let us resolve that it is truly worth living for in time of peace.
~Hamilton Fish

As mankind become more liberal, they will be more apt to allow that all those who conduct themselves as worthy members of the community, are equally entitled to the protection of civil government. I hope ever to see America amongst the foremost nations in examples of justice and liberality.
— George Washington

Famous 4th of july quotes

I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives. I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him. - Abraham Lincoln

But what do we mean by the American Revolution? Do we mean the American war? The Revolution was effected before the war commenced. The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people; a change in their religious sentiments, of their duties and obligations ... This radical change in the principles, opinions, sentiments, and affections of the people was the real American Revolution.
— John Adams

My God! How little do my countrymen know what precious blessings they are in possession of, and which no other people on earth enjoy!
— Thomas Jefferson

Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and success of liberty.
-John F. Kennedy

Funny 4th of July Quotes

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.
~Thomas Paine

The youth of America is their oldest tradition. It has been going on now for three hundred years.
Oscar Wilde

Christopher Columbus, as everyone knows, is honoured by posterity because he was the last to discover America.
James Joyce

Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it.
~George Bernard Shaw

There, I guess King George will be able to read that.
John Hancock

All great change in America begins at the dinner table.
Ronald Reagan

Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.
Abraham Lincoln

Democracy is the government of the people, by the people, for the people
Abraham Lincoln

Better to starve free than be a fat slave.

I have always been among those who believed that the greatest freedom of speech was the greatest safety, because if a man is a fool, the best thing to do is to encourage him to advertise the fact by speaking.
Woodrow T. Wilson

Patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels.
Mark Twain

Patriotic 4th of July Quotes

July 4th Quotes

Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.John F. Kennedy

Give me liberty or give me death! –Patrick Henry, speech, Virginia Convention

The life of the nation is secure only while the nation is honest, truthful and virtuous. Frederick Douglass

America is a tune.
It must be sung together. – Gerald Stanley Lee

This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave. ~Elmer Davis

With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy? Oscar Wilde

4th of July Quotes on Liberty

Independence Day Quotes

Where liberty dwells, there is my country.
Benjamin Franklin

Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth.
George Washington

July 4th Quotes

Enjoy this Independence Day with parades, fireworks, music and dance.
Have a fun filled 4th of July!

Liberty doesn't work as well in practice as it does in speeches.
Will Rogers

Liberty without learning is always in peril; learning without liberty is always in vain.
John F. Kennedy

The love of liberty is the love of others; the love of power is the love of ourselves.
William Hazlitt

Liberty is the right to choose. Freedom is the result of the right choice.
Jules Renard

Under the law of nature, all men are born free, every one comes into the world with a right to his own person, which includes the liberty of moving and using it at his own will. This is what is called personal liberty, and is given him by the Author
- Thomas Jefferson

The real democratic idea is, not that every man shall be on a level with every other, but that every one shall have liberty, without hindrance, to be what God made him.
– Henry Ward Beecher

Liberty is the great parent of science and of virtue; and a nation will be great in both always in proportion as it is free
– Thomas Jefferson

Liberty, as well as honor, man ought to preserve at the hazard of his life, for without it life is insupportable
– Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

The preservation of the sacred fire of liberty and the destiny of the republican model of government are justly considered... deeply, finally, staked on the experiment entrusted to the hands of the American people
- George Washington

A country cannot subsist well without liberty, nor liberty without virtue
– Jean-Jacques Rousseau

The basis of a democratic state is liberty
– Aristotle

He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from opposition; for if he violates this duty he establishes a precedent that will reach himself.
~Thomas Paine

Those who won our independence believed liberty to be the secret of happiness and courage to be the secret of liberty.
~Louis D. Brandeis

I prefer liberty with danger to peace with slavery.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Courage, then, my countrymen, our contest is not only whether we ourselves shall be free, but whether there shall be left to mankind an asylum on earth for civil and religious liberty.
— Samuel Adams

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.
Thomas Jefferson

They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
Benjamin Franklin

Life without liberty is like a body without spirit
– Kahlil Gibran

Where liberty is, there is my country.
– Benjamin Franklin

Proud to Be American Quotes

USA Independence Day Quotes

I am proud to be an American, and proud that such beliefs are at the core of our country and its citizens.
John Linder

Remember, remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrants and revolutionists.
Franklin D. Roosevelt

In the unlikely story that is America, there has never been anything false about hope.
Barack Obama

I am proud to be an American Citizen.
Robert Purvis

There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured by what is right with America.
Bill Clinton

My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.
John F. Kennedy

4th of July Quotes on Freedom

USA Independence Day Quotes

On our beloved Nation's Independence Day,
Let's remember and salute the souls that went down for the national pride.
Happy 4th of July.

I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.
Thomas Jefferson

There's no greater freedom than the freedom to be yourself. Give yourself that gift, and choose to surround yourself with those who appreciate you exactly as you truly are.
Doe Zantamata

Freedom and life are earned by those alone who conquer them each day anew.
Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

What then is freedom? The power to live as one wishes.
Marcus Tullius Cicero

Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.
John F. Kennedy

From every mountainside Let Freedom ring.
- Samuel F. Smith, "America"

To preserve the freedom of the human mind then and freedom of the press, every spirit should be ready to devote itself to martyrdom; for as long as we may think as we will, and speak as we think, the condition of man will proceed in improvement
– Thomas Jefferson

Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one
– Benjamin Franklin

In the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed; it must be achieved.
~Franklin D. Roosevelt

For what avail the plough or sail, or land or life, if freedom fail?
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

America is much more than a geographical fact. It is a political and moral fact - the first community in which men set out in principle to institutionalize freedom, responsible government, and human equality.
~Adlai Stevenson

Many politicians are in the habit of laying it down as a self-evident proposition that no people ought to be free till they are fit to use their freedom. The maxim is worthy of the fool in the old story who resolved not to go into the water till he had learned to swim.
~Thomas Macaulay

We must be free not because we claim freedom, but because we practice it.
~William Faulkner