Last Updated: 23rd June, 2020

4th of July Ideas

4th of July celebrations with Family

4th of July is significant in United States' Calendar because it marks the anniversary of US' Independence. It's the day when United States was publicly declared to be free from Great Britain in 1776. Independence day in US is a Federal holiday. If July 4 is Sunday, then it is observed on Monday and if it is on Saturday, then Friday becomes a holiday. Most of the government offices, schools and places remain closed on this day. Some shops and businesses also take break from their daily works.

Amidst the patriotic fervor that prevails in America on this day, people also indulge themselves in several outdoor activities like parades, decorating their homes with national flags from outside, and display of fireworks as well. Some employees even take one-two days off early to plan a weekend vacation. All together it is a festive day for the people of United States.

So, 4th of July is just round the corner and you must be thinking what could be the best thing you can plan to make this day a bit more enjoyable. Dgreetings brings to you some of the ideas that can brighten up your day.

Fireworks Competition

Fireworks Competition

Fireworks display is a very important part of independence celebration. As the whole nation is busy celebrating with fireworks, you can cook something up for yourself too. You can involve the neighborhood and arrange for a competition. Whose fireworks give a better display will win the prize. That will light up your locality and your freedom spirits as well.

Hotdog or Watermelon Eating Competitions

Well this can be fun. What you have to do is invite the locality or your neighborhood or any other friend's community and arrange for an eating competition. It will be something enjoyable for both the competitors and spectators alike. While the foodies can savor the taste of delicious hotdogs and watermelon, they stand a chance to win as well.

The idea is to have as many pieces as one can in a fixed time. The one who eats more, well, he wins. Not necessarily it has to be hotdogs or watermelons, it can be pastries and burgers too.

Sporting Events

You can celebrate your holiday with your favorite sport as well. How about a splash into the swimming pool in the warm weather? Sounds like fun? Well go for a swimming competition. If soccer is your favorite sport you can arrange a soccer match in your locality. A basket ball match or a baseball match can be exciting as well. Tug of war, three-legged races can cheer up the kids of your locality. Why kids, tug of war is fun in any age. Give yourself a rest from daily hustle and bustle and take a respite in enjoying all the games and sporting activities you had forgotten for a while.


There's nothing like planning a picnic with your friends and family. Arrange for some outdoor games there. But food is the main content of a picnic. So choose it well. Warm pork sandwiches, or grilled Lamb, fruit salads or delicious desserts, whatever it is your family likes, it is going to make your day. So Get! Set! Go!


Isn't fishing the best hobby of almost every American? Well, you can utilize your this hobby to plan for an exciting Independence day. You can make fishing a part of your picnic program too.Just select a suitable location, take your nets and get going! You can dip you feet into the cool water and wait for the catch!


You have worked tirelessly for the entire year. Its time to spend sometime with your family too. Take leave from your work one or two days before and plan a vacation somewhere away from your city. This way your weekend will be superb and the day will be memorable too.

4th of July Decoration Ideas

Patriotic Bunting: A patriotic bunting is one of the most popular 4th of July decorations you may use to adorn your home. All you have to do is use several yards of cloth in red, white, and blue stripes and arrange the cloth such that it adorns the outer walls of your rooms. The red, blue, and white colors stand for the colors featured in the national flag of America.

4th of July Party Ideas

Celebrate 4th of july party with special festivities,using your creativity. As 4th of July outdoor get-together party doesn't take much of efforts, money or big planning...

4th of July Gift Ideas

Choose the best 4th of July gifts that helps you complement the intentions of making it a gala event. Are you at all aware of the tradition of giving 4th July gifts? If not, go through the various ideas for gifts on 4th July and make it a worthwhile one.

4th of July Craft Ideas for Kids and Adults

Red, White, And Blue Star Wreath:This is one of the most exciting crafts for 4th of July. The materials you need to create this patriotic craft are listed below:

  • Construction papers in red, white, and blue colors
  • Paper plate
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Glitter


Check out the steps below so as to create this craft.

  • Cut a big hole in the paper plate.
  • Encourage your kids to cut star-shaped pieces from the construction papers.
  • Let your kids decorate the stars with glitters and other embellishments.
  • Apply glue to attach the stars to the paper plate.
So, that’s how you engage your kids to create exciting crafts for the 4th of July.

These are a few ideas which will brighten up your independence day holiday. So take charge and have a superb 4th of July celebration.