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Thanksgiving Letter

Thanksgiving is the time to say thanks to your dear ones and associates for the favors they have done for you. Just in case you are unable to express your emotions by speaking to them directly, you can write down your thoughts and share them with your loved ones and associates. Here are a few sample letters you may use when sharing your gratitude to those who have always cared for you.


Sample Thanksgiving Letter to Customers

Sample 1
Thanksgiving Letter to Customers

I want you to know how much we enjoy serving you and how fortunate we are to work with you we consider you as our special customer.
We enjoy working with you and hope we can continue to have opportunities to work together.

Best Regards

Sample 2
Thanksgiving Letter to Customers

Dear Customer(s),
Thank you for trusting us and helping us grow into a huge success.

Sample 3
Dear [client's name],
I just wanted you to know that we truly enjoy working with you
Your business is much appreciated, and we will do our very best to continue to meet your service needs.
Your suggestions are a vital part of our growth. And for that, we are most grateful.

Thanks again! We look forward to serving you for many years to come.

Best Regards

Sample Thanksgiving Letter to Clients

Thanksgiving Letter to Clients

Dear [client's name],
Thank you for trusting us to be your source for top quality goods.
We appreciate your kind expressions of appreciation, and are especially grateful for the recent order.
Hope we can continue to have opportunities to wort together.

Yours truly,

[Business Associate's name]

Dear [client's name],
We are always happy when Thanksgiving approaches because this festive occasion gives us the opportunity to appreciate and express our gratitude to all those with whom we have worked together and have had a fruitful association.

It's a pleasure to declare that the past year has been good for us, and we thank you for your unending support which has helped both of us grow.

Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving!

Yours truly,

[Business Associate's name]

Sample Thanksgiving Letter to compliment or praise

 Thanksgiving Letter to compliment or praise

I was delighted to receive your note,
and was especially pleased to read your kind words about our family.
It made me happy to know you feel at home with us.
We too enjoyed getting to know you better.
You are always welcome to stay with us when your travels bring you this way.

Thank Someone For a Compliment or Praise

Thank you very much for telling me how much you have enjoyed reading my tweet about promoting girl child. I'm so pleased to know that it motivated you to work towards the betterment of a girl child..

Thank again for your compliments and praise.
It's really motivating.

Thank Someone For Help or Support

Sample 1
Dear Mr./Mrs.,
Please accept our sincere gratitude for your help during our family crisis. Your daily inquiries and your encourging words and support, mean so much to us... I know how busy you are, so I really appreciated your efforts and time you spent with us. We looked forward to your calls I am thankful to have friends like you.

Yours sincerely,
{Your Name}

Sample 2
Dear Mr./Mrs.,
I want to take a moment to thank you for your support, understanding, help, guidance, and encouragement. It is comforting to know that I am surrounded with such caring people.

Your continuing support and encouragement are really appreciated. I am grateful to you to show your trust and confidence in me and I am sure that you will be pleased by the end results.

Thank you once again.

Yours sincerely,
{Your Name}

Sample Thanksgiving letter for hospitality

Thank Someone For Hospitality
I want you to know how much I appreciated your inviting me for Thanksgiving dinner party. The decorations at your home were marvelous, the food was delicious and the company fabulous. I enjoyed the dinner and conversation, and it was a great pleasure to meet your family you have an ideal home.

We are fortunate to have such wonderful, thoughtful friends. plz don't hesitate to call or drop by when you feel like getting together. Thank you for your kind hospitality.

Sample Thanksgiving Letter for Friend

Thanksgiving Letter for Friend

Dear Friend,

I just want you to know how much I appreciate you and your friendship. It's great to know that I always have someone I can trust with my joys, and my secretes. You will always be close to my heart!


Sample 1
Hi Dear!,

This year I have learned that if you have a helping hand and a precious friend don't ever let them go. Thanks for helping me whenever I got my assignments. It was manageable but it was more fun to complete them with you. If you hadn't helped me during those difficult times I would have never been able to accomplish my tasks and ended up messing everything while writing. It was because of your systematic planning that I completed them on time and in a better way. Thank you for jumping in and saving the day always whenever I needed you. You are a true and a valuable friend. Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Lots of Love!

Sample Thanksgiving Letter for Friend

Sample 2
Dear Buddy,

Friends like you come along once in a lifetime. I don't think I have enough words to express how much I appreciate your being there when I needed someone badly.

Love you dearly

Sample 2
Dear Friend,

It is a pleasure writing to you after such a long time. On this Thanksgiving Day, I would like to take a look back at those beautiful times that we have shared together. I would like to thank you for all that you have done foe me, especially helping with my homework during our school days. At times when I would get into fist fights with my school mates, you would jump in to help me. You were a great support and always made it sure that I do not get into trouble. You gave good counsel, and it was fun sharing my school lunch with you. This Thanksgiving Day, all the memories were refreshed. Thanks for everything.


Sample 3

I was so overwhelmed with gratitude when I first unpacked the gift. I must say you have done an incredible job of providing me such a gift that has not only brightened my life but also my heart. I felt a bit lonely and depressed earlier but after its arrival, I feel warm and good. I appreciate your thoughtfulness for giving me such a wonderful dog. It has helped me a lot in my recovery and now has become an important part of my life. I will always be grateful to you for this extraordinary present. On this Thanksgiving Day, I really wanna thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Come to my place and let's share a scrumptious meal together! Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Lots of Love!


Sample 4

Sample Thanksgiving Letter
My Dear Friend,

Thanksgiving is an occasion to be grateful to those who have contributed to your life to make it better. It is the day to thank the ones who mean a lot to you. And it's quite obvious when I think about the most important friend of mine, the first person who comes to my mind is you. Thank you, my friend, for making me smile at my worst times. Thank you for dragging me out of the same story over and over again. I always remember the efforts you put for bringing a little smile to my face. Thank you for coming over my place on a short notice whenever I needed you. Thank you for repeatedly reminding me that agony doesn't suit my face and I deserve all the happiness of the world. Thank you, my dear friend, for being my beautician at times. Thank you for all those uncontrollable laughter which bring a feeling of joy in me throughout the day. Thank you for being a guide, mentor, mother and yes my best friend.

You are my safe heaven and I will forever run to you for advice as you give the most appropriate ones.

You are so precious to me!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Sample Thanksgiving to Employees

Sample - 1

Sample Thanksgiving to Employees
We want you to know how much we appreciate your valuable contribution in making a great success this year.
We take this opportunity to thank you and to wish you a great year ahead.

Sample - 2
The past year has not been easy, but you all have managed to fight against odds and come out with flying colours.
You have concentrated on moving ahead instead of lamenting over the numerous challenges. You have worked really well to support our business and help it prosper.

On behalf of the management team, I would like to extend my gratitude to you all. We are all appreciative of what you did and as a token of our gratitude please accept the enclosed present.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sample - 3
Dear all,

In celebration of Thanksgiving Day, the management appreciates your dedication and hard work for adding value to our business. We thank you for considering your work a priority, and appreciate your services toward the growth of our organization.

Hope that you all have a great Thanksgiving Day.
With regards,
Human Resources

Sample - 4

Sample Thanksgiving to Employees
My special thanks to you and your team for the wonderful job you did on the Project. The customer was delighted with the presentation and especially appreciated your suggested modifications. The extra time and effort you put in were certainly worthwhile. It is a joy for me to work with such dedicated and talented colleagues.

Thank You for Giving a Reference

Dear Mr...,

I hope you are doing well. I just wanted to convey my warm regards this festive season and greet you well with a feeling of enormous gratitude. Thank you so much for writing me a letter of reference. It has helped me a lot.

I really appreciate your gesture of taking out time for me to write the letter. I cannot express how precious I felt when I came to know you wrote the letter for me. I feel so proud and happy to announce that I am going to join the company soon and they are going to pay me a handsome amount. Once I join I will let you know how it goes.

Again, thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I greatly appreciate your assistance and involvement in my job search.
Best regards


Sample Thanksgiving Letter for Mommy and Daddy

 Sample Thanksgiving Letter for Mommy and Daddy

Dear mom and dad,

Thank you for pushing me towards my goals. Thank you for teaching me how to budget.. Most of all, thank you for teaching me to be independent.

No matter the struggles I face here on my own that I will always be your daughter. It will always be both of you that I ask for help from the most or the ones that I need hugs and reassurance that everything will be okay. Although I am growing up I will always be your little girl. However, most important of all is that I will always love you alot.

Thank you for always loving me for who I am and always welcoming me with open arms. I miss you all so much and cannot wait to see you all soon.

Dear parents, on the happy occasion of Thanksgiving Day, I pray to God for your good health and may your life be filled with lots of joy.

With all my love,
Your daughter forever and always
Thanks & Regards,

Dear Mommy and Daddy,

I fall short of words in expressing my love and gratitude to you. I am thankful to you for the wonderful life you have given me, the love and care bestowed on me and for patiently listening for all my tantrums no matter how trivial they were. Every day of the year is a Thanksgiving Day for me as each night I kneel and pray to God for the wonderful gift he was given to me and that is you, my dear parents. But I must confess that when I went away to college in another city and had to look after myself it was then I that realized what you two really meant to me. I know there were times when I misbehaved with you just because you did not fulfill my demands. But, you always patiently listened and tried to reason it out with me. I know how I must have irritated you by asking you the same question again and again as a child. But, you answered every time without showing the least signs of irritation.

Dear parents, on the happy occasion of Thanksgiving Day, I pray to God for your good health and may your life be filled with lots of joy.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Sample Thanksgiving Letter For Sister

My lovely sister,

Sisters may be a bit annoying but yes they can also be the best of friends. This Thanksgiving I wanna start with thanking you for all that you have done for me and you always do. First of all, thank you for being the best secret keeper. I know you have gone through various touchstone situations because of me but I must appreciate you have never let me down. Our bond is really unique I must confess. Although we share a quirky relationship but it is a mixture of love, anger, concern, annoyance, smiles, cries and laughter. This Thanksgiving I want to thank you tonnes for everything you do for me. I will always look after you regardless of your age. You are the closest human to my heart and will always be my favorite. It feels so lucky to have a sister like you in life.

Thanks for always listening to my rants and never getting irritated. Thanks for guiding me and providing me the best of advice. And a big thanks for being my savior and saving me from all the jerks in college.

You are the apple of my eye my lovely sister.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Sample Thanksgiving Letter to Parents from Daughter

Dear Mom and Dad,

I would like you to know that I appreciate the help and support you have showered on me since I was a child. With your teachings and principles, you have indeed made a difference in my life. I remember how you taught my lessons and spent sleepless nights when I was sick. Your unconditional hugs, your presence at every school event I participated in, and the way you encouraged me to learn things are the special memories that I will always treasure.

Mom and dad, I would like to convey my heartfelt gratitude to you for teaching me what is good and what is not. You made me understand how to grow up with others and feel for them even when they may not belong to my family. You were the first to let me know how to share and care for others, and I continue to share my blessings with the people around me.

I would further say that you have given me the sweetest memories that make me feel homesick, and I understand that I was indeed loved and treasured. I have often misunderstood your intentions when I was younger. But I am aware now that you did everything for my good. I hope that this letter finds you in the best of your health and I once again thank you for giving me those precious memories of my life, which I shall cherish forever.

With love and respect,

[Daughter's name]

Sample Thanksgiving Letter to Parents

Thanksgiving Letter to Parents

Dear Mom and Dad,

Happy Thanksgiving Mom and Dad!
I am thankful we get to spend time together as a family.
With love and respect,


Sample Thanksgiving to a Mentor/Guide

Thanksgiving to a Mentor/Guide

Dear Mr./Ms./Mrs,

I want to express my deep appreciation for the support and for taking out the time for my queries from your busy schedule ,just helping me a lot for my project Your opinion value to me a lot and I will surely work over it. Without your help, it would not have been possible.

You truly inspired me to work hard.It is an honor for me to have a chance to work with you. I truly appreciate Your caliber and vast knowledge Thank you once again for showing me the right path. You are a true friend and a good mentor.

Thank you
Yours Sincerely,
{Your Name}

Thanksgiving to a Mentor/Guide

Since this is Thanksgiving, I want to seize this opportunity to express my gratitude to you. These years of association, with a person like you, have been truly great.
I appreciate your integrity and passion in whatever you do.

Thank you, for guiding me.
I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving
Warm regards,