Thanksgiving Feast Symbol


For the Thanksgiving feast 'Pumpkin Pie' is customary. Earlier, pilgrims made a pumpkin dish sweetened with honey or syrup. Pumpkin leaves were also used as salads.

There were other seasonal vegetables also included on the Thanksgiving table. Pumpkin is one of the important symbols of the harvest festival. Although people are not found of eating vegetables but it has been an American-favorite for more than 400 years.



The Thanksgiving is incomplete without the legendary Turkey. It derives its name from the 'turk turk' sounds.

The 'Turkey' is a must-have on the Thanksgiving table and eaten as a main course. It is believed, in the year 1621, pilgrims had a feast consisting of cooked turkey after their first harvest which popularly came to be known as 'First Thanksgiving Feast'

Roasted Turkey


Corn is a popular symbol of thanksgiving. Corn comes in various varieties and colors-red, white, yellow and blue. But Americans considered blue and white corn sacred. Corn finds its place on every dinner table world during the thanksgiving dinner. Ornamental Corncobs are quite popular gift item.



Cornucopia is a horn shaped container. It is filled in abundance with the harvest like fruits, grains and corns.

Cornucopia is the most common symbol of a harvest festival. It is also known as the 'horn of plenty'. In the earlier days, traditional cornucopia was a curved goat's horn.



Cranberries are the modern Thanksgiving diet staple. Cranberry sauce is taken with turkey during the Thanksgiving feast.


Last Updated: 12th November, 2018