Last Updated: 17th April, 2020

Thank You Notes For Teachers

Thanks for being a wonderful teacher

Thank You Notes For Teacher 1

I have you to thank for inspiring my child. She loves you so dearly.
Thank you for being so good and so patient with her. I’m so glad for teachers like you who really make a difference in a child’s life. God bless you. Keep up the wonderful work!

Thank You Notes For Teacher 2

Teachers like you are one in a million! Thank you so much!

Thank You Notes For Teacher 3

You are not a Teacher for my child but our child found a hero in you. Thanks.

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Thank You Notes For Teacher 4

Thank you for sharing your gift of teaching with us!

Thank You Notes For Teacher 5

You are not only our teacher, you are our friend, authority and guide. We will always be grateful to you for your support and kindness.

Thank You Notes For Teacher 6

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for being such a wonderful teacher.

Warm Thank You Notes For Teachers

Thank You Notes For Teacher 7

Thank you for creating such an educational environment for children in school
We really appreciate it.

Thank You Notes For Teacher 8

Words would never be able to counteract what you have done for you.
Showing my profound gratitude to the most wonderful teacher!

Thank You Notes For Teacher 9

Your quality of leadership[ has been a source of inspiration.
Thanks for being a wonderful teacher.

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Thank You Notes For Teacher 10

To my dearest Teacher for your patience and
caring For your kind words and sharing
I just want to say Thank You.

Thank You Notes For Teacher 11

As a parent,
I would like to thank the teacher
for his endearing efforts
of imparting education to all.
Your valuable knowledge and insight
has helped our patrons much.

Thank You Notes For Teacher 12

Your quality of leadership[ has been a source of inspiration.
Thanks for being a wonderful teacher.

Thank You Notes For Teachers

Thank You Notes For Teacher 13

Allow me to use this thank you card as a small token of gratitude for being the kind and caring person you are. You're truly the best!

Thank You Notes For Teacher 14

Thank you for your patience, hard work, and time. You're so wonderful!

Thank You Notes For Teacher 15

Thank you
for giving me the tools
to dream big and to each success.


Thank You Notes For Teacher 16

Thank you for sharing the wisest piece of advice in the class. I am also grateful for your outstanding behavior which you maintain while dealing with every child. I feel so good that my child is under your supervision. It is relaxing to know my child is learning something new every day and he is growing not only mentally but also spiritually. You are such a positive impact on my child and which is why you are worthy of my respect and admiration as well. Thanks for being the best teacher for my child.

Thank You Notes For Teachers

Thank You Notes For Teacher 17

Teaching the younger generation is a really arduous task as the kids of today's time don't like to be supervised. They want to become independent and live life on their own conditions. But, it is you who has instilled moral values in our children. You are really a blessing in disguise of the Lord to us as you are the one who is always there to guide our children towards the right direction. Breathing has become much easier after knowing that our children are under your guidance and they are not only learning the stuff of their textbooks but also gaining the worldly knowledge which you provide to them on regular basis. Thank you so very much for all the care and efforts.

Thank You Notes For Teacher 18

Madam, this Teachers Day I want to thank you with all my heart for teaching my child how to be balanced and simultaneously enjoy life to its fullest. You have been successful in doing that arduous task which I was unable to do on my own. It takes a lot of attention, physical and moral strength to become a teacher and take care of each and every child of the class. Though it was your job to teach you went an extra mile and educated your students to see life from a different perspective. I am highly grateful for everything you do and you have ever done. All I want to say is keep doing the good work and I will always be thankful to you for shaping the life of my child which is surely going to lead him towards a wonderful future. Thanks a lot.

Thank You Notes For Teacher 19

After my mom and dad, you have been the most important support in my life. I see you as a parental figure Sir/ Madam. I would like to thank you a lot for all your valuable advice which has helped me to get out of my teenage strife. You are a role-model and also motivation. I never thought in my life that I would be able to get a mentor like you. I feel so blessed and thankful to Lord for sending a teacher like you in my life. You have really shaped my life and I always try to follow your teachings. I always try to learn the way you teach. You are a resource for us. Nothing can dim your sparkle as you have an aura of knowledge and wisdom which no one can surpass. You have also taught us to be humble and right now I am doing exactly the thing which you have taught me. I am saying thank you to the one who has imparted me wisdom and also done certain extremely nice things for me. Thank you, teacher, for making me what I am today.

Thank You Notes For Teachers

Thank You Notes For Teacher 20

As we are about to graduate, the time has come to show gratitude to the most amazing people before graduating. Yes, I am certainly talking about our teachers. You are the ones who have tolerated us the most. Thanks for your hard work which you have showered on us. Your patience has been remarkable and we appreciate your efforts which have helped us in becoming better human beings. Classrooms can survive without an i-pad or computers, but they cannot survive without a guide and mentor like you. Only a teacher can inspire with his words and also with his actions, which are selfless and for the betterment of his/her students. There are moments when we get angry with our teachers, especially when they scold us, but deep down in our heart, we all know that whatever you do is for our welfare and development. We understand the fact and promise to be as you have taught us. Hope we could make you proud. My mother and I are actually very thankful to you for helping me to become what I am! Thank you so much, Sir/Madam!

Thank You Notes For Teacher 21

A good teacher will always help us, guide us and inspire us in developing our potentials. They embrace our strength and try to eliminate our weaknesses. They create an environment where we can make mistakes and learn from them which ultimately which help in our growth. I am so grateful to God that I got such a wonderful teacher like you. Thank you for being the best teacher. Although with the advancement in technology it is easier for students to study with new devices but nothing can reduce the importance of a fantastic teacher like you who, not only teaches what is there in the book but also gives lessons which are going to last for a lifetime. I am so lucky to have someone like you. I understand that it is easy to misbehave in class but it is so difficult to tolerate. You are the best Sir/ Madam. I have got to learn a lot from you. Thanks for overlooking our mischief. Thanks a lot!


Thank You Notes For Teacher 22

Madam, this Teacher's Day I want to thank you with all my heart. You have been the best support in my life. I have never received so much encouragement and appreciation ever in my life from anyone except you. My life was a deep, dark and unpredictable tunnel in which you came like a torch bearer. Thank you for taking me out of the darkness and showing me the right way. You are the best for you are Terrific, Enthusiastic, Appropriate, Calm and composed, Honest, Encouraging and Rewarding. Your inspirational words are like beautiful footprints which get etched in our heart and minds forever. You are such a brilliant teacher, Sir/Madam. I have no words to thank you for all the knowledge you have given to me. Your compliments and encouragements have always motivated me to do my best. Also, your criticism and punishments have been more important to me as they made me what I am today.
I am really lucky to have a teacher like you. Thanks a lot for everything!