Last Updated: 8th April, 2020

Tamil Panchangam

Tamil Panchangam

According to the Tamil calendar, the New Year is observed either on 13th or 14th of April of the Gregorian calendar. The calendar has twelve months in total with each month having 29 to 31 days and is divided in six seasons.

The year begins on the month of Cittirai, which also declares the beginning of the summer season and thus the harvest cycle in the region. The months of the calendar are:

The months of the Tamil calendar:
No. Months in Tamil Month (Start-End)
01. Cittirai Mid-April to mid-May
02. Vaikaci Mid-May to mid-June
03. Ani Mid-June to mid-July
04. Ati Mid-July to mid-August
05. Avaoi Mid-August to mid-September
06. Purattaci Mid-September to mid-October
07. Aippaci Mid-October to mid-November
08. Karttikai Mid-November to mid-December
09. Markazhi Mid-December to mid-January
10. Tai Mid-January to mid-February
11. Maci mid-February to mid-March
12. Paokuni mid-March to mid-April

The days of the week also have Tamilian names which are the following:

The Days of the Tamil Calendar:
No. Tamilian Days Names Days
01. Gnaayitru-kizhamai Sunday
02. Thingat-kizhamai Monday
03. Sevvaai-kizhamai Tuesday
04. Buthan-kizhamai Wednesday
05. Viyaazha-kizhamai Thursday
06. Velli-kizhamai Friday
07. Sani-kizhamai Saturday

Tamil Panchangam

The Panchangam is the Indian calendar based on Vedic astrology. It is used by the Tamils to determine the right days for marriage, religious events and for starting new ventures. It makes the forecasts for the year and hence, listening to Panchangam on the day of Tamil New Year is considered to be an important event. Birth Panchangam is important in calculating the horoscope of people and for determining their future.

The days of the week in Tamil calendar:
No. Weekday (English) Vaasara (Sanskrit) Lord or Planet Gregorian Calendar equivalent
01. Jnyaayitru-kizhamai Ravi-vaasara Sun Sunday
02. Thingat-kizhamai Soma-vaasara Moon Monday
03. Sevvaai-kizhamai Mangala-vaasara Mars Tuesday
04. Buthan-kizhamai Budha-vaasara Mercury Wednesday
05. Viyaazha-kizhamai Guru Vaasara Jupiter Thursday
06. Velli-kizhamai Sukra-vaasara Venus Friday
07. Sani-kizhamai Shani-vaasara Saturn Saturday

For Tamilians, everyday starts off with the sun set.