Last Updated: 21st April, 2020

Summer Vacation

Summer vacation is the time to choose a destination, plan an itinerary, pack your bags and set off on a journey far away from the heat. It is that rare occasion when you take a break from a routine life and give yourself a chance to explore the world. The idea is to do things that you don't get to do every day: watch the sunset, chill out in a swimming pool, catch up with your friends, and go on a complete relaxing mode.

Escape to Best Summer Destinations

Exploring some of the top destinations around the world is one of the great summer vacation ideas for families. You may have dreamt of skiing on the Victorian Alps of Australia, hopping across the Greek Islands, taking a ferry ride along the St. Lawrence River in Canada, and enjoying trout-fishing in the Himalayas. This is the time when you chase your dream.

Attend Summer Festivals

From attending best summer music festivals in Europe to exploring the flower festivals in Sikkim and Kashmir, you have plenty of options to make your vacation a happening one. Far away from the soaring temperatures, you enjoy a pleasant vacation in the midst of rolling hills and cool weather.

Attend Summer Festivals

Learn Something New

This is the time to learn scuba-diving, try kayaking, and get hooked to paragliding. Make the most of this summer break by growing lovely plants in your garden. You can also think of improving your culinary skills. As kids get busy in their own world, take out time to master the art of preparing a delicious Italian pizza or making a perfect souffle.

Summer Vacation for Kids

From going on a glacier tour in Alaska to building sand castles in Mediterranean beaches, there's lot that a kid looks forward to do. Summer camps in India are quite popular among kids. From theater summer camps to wildlife summer camps in forests, the little ones make the most of this opportunity to go for trekking, horse riding, and indulging in other adventure sports. They would love to escape the heat and spend hours in the company of their friends as they go treasure hunting, attend art workshops and take part in storytelling sessions.

Summer Vacation for Couples

Treat yourself to an unforgettable summer vacation by taking your partner to an exotic destination. Picture yourself sailing through the Venetian canal, walking down the wineries of Argentina and watching the snow-capped Andes. While you are at it, dedicate some lovely summer quotes to your partner.

Summer Vacation Cards

Whether you spend your summer vacation by the ocean, near the lake, or close to the hills, you can always share your experience with your friends and loved ones through cards. When it comes to inviting your friends to a summer party or reminding them of the good old days, the summer e-cards work wonders. Wish your loved ones a happy summer vacation by sending floral cards that speak of the seasonís brightness and colors.

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