Last Updated: 27th May, 2019

Summer Breaks

Summer breaks give you the opportunity to try out a lot of things which you don't get to do usually. This is the time when you may try doing things you love. You may explore interesting places or indulge in adventure sports you're fond of. Read on to find out what are the things to do so as to enjoy your summer holidays.

Things to Do during Summer Breaks

Given below is a list of ideas with a brief outline on how you may have fun during the summer breaks.

  • Plan a party:

  • You may throw a party at your home and enjoy your time with friends and family. If you'd like to do something different, you may plan a pool party. That's because even a small pool is fun for a splash. You can arrange for a few games to be played during the party.Since it's a pool party, you may gather water pistols and have a water fight contest as well.

    Now, when you plan a party, make sure you decorate your home such that it matches the theme of the party. Get a few banners and streamers for the decoration. While you adorn your home, make sure there are enough seating arrangements to accommodate your guests. There should be separate zones for food and drinks, dancing and moving around so that your guests can freely walk and talk to people they know.

    Regarding the menu, you may arrange for snacks along with lunch or dinner depending upon the time when you'd like to have the party. You can have mocktails prepared. One such drink is the fruit tingle. The ingredients are orange juice, raspberry, lemonade and lime. To prepare this recipe, you need to crush ice and keep it in a glass. Pour the ingredients onto a spoon held in the glass. Add pieces of fruits into the glass. It'll add to the taste of the drink and make it tempting as well.

    As for the entertainment, you can have music played during the party. You may hire a DJ to play your favorite music. Just ensure that you choose songs which are easy to dance to. The purpose is to keep the party mood lively and enjoyable.

    Plan a party

  • Go hiking:

  • If you love adventure, you may go hiking along the famous trails - Hidden Valley Wildlife Area, Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve and Angelus Oaks Trail in California. The Hidden Valley Wildlife Area offers 25 miles of trails for hiking. You'll enjoy going for a nature walk with your family along these trails. The Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve comprises an area of wetlands, oak woodlands and pools. It's the perfect place to have picnic with your friends and family. The Angelus Oaks Trail is located along a hilly road that leads to the northern side of Big Bear. You may love hiking along this trail, and you may find the surrounding scenery quite fascinating.

    Go hiking

  • Attend music concerts and events:

  • Summer is the time to celebrate and attend music concerts, annual events and festivals. For example, if you're in North Carolina, you can attend the annual “Grandfather Mountain” Scottish Highland Games held near Linville. It's the festival which involves different clans engaged in drumming parades, sheep herding and tug-of-war between clans. Besides, you'll get to enjoy mountain running, highland dancing and harp music.

    Attend music concerts and events

  • Enroll in a workshop with your kids:

  • If you have kids, you may enroll them in workshops during the summer breaks. For example, you may let them join dance classes or a workshop where they'll learn about handmade crafts. Some of the workshops may involve parents along with their kids. This will give you the chance to spend time with your kids and know them better.

    Instead of enrolling in a workshop, you may teach your kids how to create handmade items. For instance, you may help your kids decorate hats for the summer. Another handmade item your kids can make is a summer collage. The collage can be created out of tickets to places they've explored during the summer. It can also have pictures of flowers they love and photos of memories you share with them. You may also involve your kids into creating items that symbolize summer.

    Enroll in a workshop with your kids

  • Networking:

  • If you're a professional, and you'd like to take summer breaks, well then this may be the perfect time for you to join a social network. You may do this any day but summer breaks give you the opportunity to spend some more time to build a strong network in social media. It can help you get better opportunities in your professional career, and you can also make new friends through social networking.


  • Get into gardening:

  • Summer breaks give you the time to involve your children into gardening. Help your kids plant trees in your lawn or take them to a local botanical garden. They'll understand the significance of gardening and gradually get into the habit of taking care of plants.

    Get into gardening

  • Visit online museums:

    You can help your kids explore the website of Smithsonian Education. They'll have fun learning how to play a Viking board game or creating a light bulb on their own. Your kids may simply enjoy learning such new things, and this is how you can help them get creative.

    Visit online museums

  • Explore places:

  • Summer breaks give you enough time to explore places like a mountain getaway, beach resort or a farmland. For example, you can visit Scotland where you'll get to climb mountains as well as visit beaches. You'll get the opportunity to go white water rafting or quad biking. Alternatively, you can visit Miami and its white sand beaches. If you can go along the Overseas Highway toward Key West, you may find amazing scenery to explore.

    If you'd like to visit a farmland, well, you may visit Chicago's Green City Market or Toronto's Riverdale Farm. There's a special kids' market at Vancouver's Granville Island. You can explore these places and let your kids have a great time sampling farm fresh baked goods and chicks.

    In this way, you may spend your summer breaks and enjoy staying in a relaxed mood while the holidays are on.