Last Updated: 24th May, 2019

Summer Days 2019

Falling between the season of spring and the season of autumn, summer is one of the warmest seasons of the year. The month of its commencement varies from region to region. While in the northern hemisphere, it commences in the month of June and terminates in the month of September, in the Southern hemisphere it starts in the month of December and ends in the month of March. Though for many people summer is associated with fun, for many it is an unbearable season.

Characteristic features of summer:

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  • Summer has the hottest and the longest days in a year.

  • Nights are smaller in summer.

  • Summer season calls for great entertainment, fun and outdoor activities.
  • Summer season

  • During the summer season flowers and plants bloom and reach their full maturity.

  • Fruits of the summer season include pineapples, watermelons, berries, mangoes and other vegetables.

  • The reception of summer varies from region to region. Though some places experience a pleasant temperature, there are others which experience an extreme temperature.


Summer Activities:

Summer provides a wonderful opportunity to have fun and get oneself involve in various activities. Schools are closed for the kids and elders too seek this opportunity to take a long break from their sedentary lifestyle. It is a time when activities such as picnics, vacationing and swimming reach its peak. People are seen to be in their jovial mood as they make the most of this season. People who live in the coastal areas beat the heat by lazing around the beach. But, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle as there are risk factors involve in it too. The extreme temperature can cause skin diseases, skin cancer or tetanus.

During this time you should gorge yourself in fresh fruits and also increase the intake of fluid. Enjoy light activities and light exercise such as gardening, walking etc. Try to enjoy summer in good health while also spending quality time with your friends and family. Kids can partake in various indoor activities like drawing, coloring and playing indoor games.


Summer Health Tips:

  • Drink plenty of water and juice of fresh fruits.

  • While engaged in long activities make sure you take frequent breaks in between to give rest.

  • Wear attires that are not only loose fitting but, also light in color.
  • Wear sunglass to protect your eyes.

  • Use sunscreen lotion to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun.