Last Updated: 16th March, 2019

St. Patrick's Day Messages

See you at evening-feast on beef and cabbage today and a host of Irish blessings. Happy St Patrick's Day
Don't forget to dress in green... Happy St Patrick's Day.
Cheers... to Ireland's faith and pride... Happy St Patrick's Day
Hope you find your pot of gold... Happy St Patrick's Day
May you trap Leprechauns today. Happy St Patt's Day
I tossed off the shamrock for good luck... and found you. Happy St Patt's Day
May the Holy Trinity shower luck on you this St Patrick's Day
You look a stunner with green Rosette and flowing green ribbons... blessings on St Patrick's Day
May you find the leprechauns' treasure today; Happy St Patrick's Day
May good luck pursue forever and fill your heart with smiles. Happy St Patrick's feast
May the blessings of God keep you happy and healthy on
St. Patrick's day and always!
Wishing a wish like none other, hope God gives you a pot of gold, barrels of beer and shine upon you a rainbow of happiness. Happy Saint Patrick's Day!
Wishing you tons of happiness, lots of friends, and barrels of beer on St Patrick's Day. Have a wonderful day ahead.
May every wish of yours be fulfilled today. May blessings rain down on you and good luck and prosperity always be your companions. Happy St Patrick's Day
Wishing that this St Patrick's Day brings you success in whatever you do. May your list of loyal friends continue to grow. Wishing you a very happy St Patrick's Day.
May the sun shine warm upon your face, and the rain shower upon your fields. May God bless you always.
Happy Saint Patrick's Day!
I wish God takes good care of you until we meet again. Hoping to see you soon. Happy Saint Patrick's Day!
May your glass be ever full with green beer, may the love and protection of God be yours in abundance.
Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

I wish I could be there to celebrate St Patrick's Day along with you. But, all my thoughts and wishes are with you on this wonderful occasion. Wishing you a very happy
St Patrick's Day.
Sending you my good wishes, warm thoughts & honest prayers. May you get blessed on this St. Patrick's Day.
May luck be our companion, may friends stand by our side. May history remind us all of Irelands faith and pride. May God bless us with happiness. May love and faith abide.
I wish you a day filled with barrels of beers, pots of gold and loads of happiness.

Wishing you, good luck, blessings and happiness for today and everyday. Happy St Patrick's day
Happy St Patrick's day.. Wishing you a rainbow of happiness and good cheer.
Here's wishing that your heart be full of love.. and your life be blessed with good fortune always. Happy St Patrick's day.

Wishing you the many wonderful things that an Irish blessing will bring. Happiness, joy, love, and laughter, may your day be content and may you smile happily ever after! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

May your St. Patrick's Day wishes fill your life like a rainbow! Have a great day!
May the luck of the Irish keep you drifting through your day with happiness! Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Don't worry, be Irish! Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Wanted to help you think Green today.
Happy St. Patrick's Day.
An Irish Blessing: May pleasure walk with you; May luck smile upon you; and May joy be at home in your heart.
Happy St. Patrick's Day.
I know where you'll be spending this St. Patty's Day…right here in my heart!

I wish you a Happy St. Patrick's Day. May you have a great day, filled with friends, fun, smiles and beers.
May the Irish luck be yours, on St. Patrick's Day! Enjoy your day!
May the luck and joy shine on you, today and every day. I wish you a
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

May good luck go with you
wherever you go!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Sending you rainbows of happy wishes and pots of lucky gold for a great
St. Patrick's Day!
To the only day that it's easy to be green