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Spring Flowers

Spring is the time of renewal and new life and what can symbolize this aspect more than the beautiful and vibrant Spring flowers. As the cold winter season paves way for Spring, fields and gardens come to life with blooming flowers. This blooming of flowers symbolizes the beginning of the wonderful season.

So, if you are thinking of giving a cheerful start to the season, just plant a couple of lovely flowers in your garden or on the terrace. But do plan in advance and plant them early on as they need enough time to blossom as Spring makes its rendezvous with all things living.

There are varieties of Spring flowers that one can plant to greet the wonderful season. However, it all depends on your personal preferences and choices. While some people adore Dianthus, others get smitten by the beauty of the pink Primroses that blossom during Spring and add an elegant touch to your lawn.

  • If you want marvelous fragrance to surround your environment, then go in for the Thyme.

  • Rose Mallows are another type of Spring flowers that have gorgeous petals, and these truly resemble dinner plates.

  • One should also consider minor bulbs as they provide an amazing ambiance to the environment.

  • Apple Blossoms have a pleasant look and are an important feature of the apple tree.

  • Birds of Paradise are exotic flowers and resemble a bird which is in flight hence the name.It will be a good addition to your lawn.

Below, you would get the names of different flowers that you can grow during the Spring season.

Some of the common spring flowers are

Amaryllis - (Scientific Name - Amaryllis)

Amaryllis need bright shaded indoors to grow. They are brilliant flowers having a jazzy combination. They don't need special cooling or conditioning, they are one of the easiest plants to grow. They are one of the most beautiful flowers you can find.


Anemone - (Scientific Name - Anemone)

They are the low maintenance flowers which are easy to grow. These flowers usually bloom in spring and set a hot trend in wedding bouquets. They are available in the shades of vibrant red, white, pink, yellow, and purple which make the garden come alive.


Apple Blossom - (Scientific Name - Malus)

These are the most favorable flowers when you want to wish someone a very happy birthday. Apple Blossom flowers are famous for their spring time beauty. They usually grow in shaded and cold weather. They look best when multiple flowers are well arranged in a bouquet.


Allium - (Scientific Name - Allium)

Allium is a plant of exquisite beauty. They have tough constituents in both flower and leaf. They grow well in any type of soil as long as the soil is well-drained. Alliums need sunlight to grow. They multiply naturally and look beautiful after being fully grown.


Bloodroot - (Scientific Name - Sanguinaria Canadensis)

Bloodroot is a herbaceous spring perennial flower which grows in shade and moisture and well-drained soil. This beautiful white flower usually appears in the month of March. Bloodroot is a good fit for a shaded or woodland garden. It is one of the best flowers to plant in spring.


Orchids - (Scientific Name - Orchidaceae)

Orchids are beautiful and fragrant flowers. There is an incredible variety of orchid flowers. They are light hungry and need an adequate amount of light to grow. They are mainly used for decoration and are mostly preferred for gifting purposes.


The Peony - (Scientific Name - Paeonia Lactiflora)

Peonies are all-time favorites in the flower world. They are perfect for floral arrangements and weddings. They appear the best in gorgeous pink or pastel tones.


Pansies - (Scientific Name - Pansy)

Pansies need cool weather to grow. They grow best in sun or part shade and moist conditions in a well-drained soil. Pansies are one of the best flowers to plant in spring for early-season containers and window boxes, relishing the variety in petal color as much as the cheery uplifted blooms.


Bluebell - (Scientific Name - Hyacinthoides Non-Scripta)

Bluebell- Bluebells usually grow in spring but if conditions are favorable then they sometimes blossom in summer. Bluebells come with a message of the arrival of warm weather. They usually welcome the month of March and April. They are so eye-catching and perfect to be decorated with a bouquet.


Boronia - (Scientific Name - Boronia)

Boronia- Boronia flowers are the bright pink flowers which have tiny bell-shaped blooms and branchy stems. These flowers are so bright and have such a strong scent that it becomes a perfect flower to be presented to your loved ones in a bouquet.


Azalea - (Scientific Name - Rhododendron)

Azaleas are brightly colored flowers which are adored for their bright appearance. They are sometimes referred to as pink cascades when found in clusters. They need humus rich soil to grow. They add royalty to your garden.


Birds of Paradise - (Scientific Name - Strelitzia)

The Birds of Paradise is a quintessential tropical flower. The flower has three bright orange petals and three blue petals which are fused together into a single bud. When the flower blooms it results in the shape of a tropical bird in flight. It represents faithfulness, love, and thoughtfulness


Begonia - (Scientific Name - Begonia)

These annual flowers can grow in a full sun to a shaded location. They are attractive foliage and frilly flowers. They are cultivated in various colors and appear the most beautiful in bright colors like pink and yellow.


Blackthorn - (Scientific Name - Prunus Spinosa)

Belonging to the genus of cherries or plums these are beautiful flowers which bloom in spring. These flowers are white in color and have short spikes within them..


Cherry Blossom - (Scientific Name - Sakura)

Cherry Blossoms are one of the most beautiful and popular flowers. They come in bright colors which are extremely attractive. They are in full bloom during the spring season and appear as one of the most beautiful flowers in a cluster.


Calla Lily - (Scientific Name - Zantedeschia)

These flowers are a common sight at both weddings and funerals. Their pristine white symbolises purity and elegance. They can bloom easily with proper watering and under warm temperatures. They are also believed to bring good luck charm for brides. Pairing them with roses in a bouquet simply multiplies their beauty.


Cornflower - (Scientific Name - Centaurea Cyanus)

These flowers are commonly used in bouquets and are often grown as garden flowers. They bloom nicely in full sun exposure and have average water requirements on a daily basis. These are edible and make for great culinary decorations. Other than blue, they are also found in pink, white, black and lavender.


Cosmos - (Scientific Name - Cosmos)

These are easy-care flowers for garden decoration and can even be placed in full sun exposure. These are incredibly easy to grow and bloom for months. They don't require water on a daily basis and are low-maintenance. Other than pink, they are also available in white, orange, yellow, chocolate and red.


Crocus - (Scientific Name - Crocus)

Their blooming signals springs. These are a popular choice for planting in lawns. Their strong fragrance is pleasant and delightful. They can be grown anywhere except for dense shade. They come in a variety of colours such as orange, purple, red, pink, blue and more.


Camellias - (Scientific Name - Camellia)

These are highly cherished for their beauty when fully bloomed. They blossom in early spring and even in mild winters. They are typically grown as landscape shrubs and have a number of species. One of its species' young leaves are also used for making tea.


Dahlia - (Scientific Name - Dahlia)

These require minimal care and open their beautiful bloom towards the beginning of spring. They come in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes, making a great addition to garden blooms and flower bouquets. They bloom all through summer and even in falls.


Dogwood Tree - (Scientific Name - Cornus)

These have twisted branches and a great petal texture. They are cherished for their breathtaking beauty and often found in gardens and lawns. They come in pink, white and dark red variety. They are also used for the special occasions such as Easter, Baptism, and for offering condolences at funerals. They bloom for a long time, typically from spring to fall.


Dead Nettle - (Scientific Name - Lamium)

These unique flowers usually bloom in April and last for nearly 6 weeks. Bees flock to these tubular shaped flowers. They come in purple and white colors. Their fresh leaves have medicinal properties and are used on wounds/cuts. They grow best in shade and well-drained soil.


Eastern Redbud - (Scientific Name - Cercis canadensis)


Gardenia - (Scientific Name - Gardenia)


Glory Lilies - (Scientific Name - Gloriosa Species)


Geranium - (Scientific Name - Geranium)


Gerberas - (Scientific Name - Gerberas)


Golden Wattle - (Scientific Name - Acacia Pycnantha)


Heath - (Scientific Name - Erica)


Hollyhock - (Scientific Name - Alcea Rosea)


Impatiens - (Scientific Name - Impatiens)


Irises - (Scientific Name - Iris)


Jasmine - (Scientific Name - Jasmine)


Jack in the Pulpit- (Scientific Name - Arisaema Triphyllum)


Kangaroo Paw - (Scientific Name - Anigozanthos Flavidus)


Larkspur - (Scientific Name - Delphinium)


Iris - (Scientific Name - Iris)


Tulip - (Scientific Name - Tulipa)


Zinnia - (Scientific Name - Zinnia elegans)


Freesia - (Scientific Name - Freesia andersoniae)


Heather - (Scientific Name - Calluna vulgaris)


Hyacinth - (Scientific Name - Hyacinthus)


Windflower - (Scientific Name - Anemone hupehensis)


Sweet pea - (Scientific Name - Lathyrus odoratus)


Snowdrop - (Scientific Name - Galanthus)


Snowflake - (Scientific Name - Leucojum vernum)


Ghostflower - (Scientific Name - Monotropa uniflora)


Dutch Crocus - (Scientific Name - Crocus sativus)


Lily of the Nile - (Scientific Name - Agapanthus)


Lily of the Valley - (Scientific Name - Convallaria Majalis)


Marigolds - (Scientific Name - Tagetes)


Mountain Laurel - (Scientific Name - Kalmia Latifolia)


Magnolia - (Scientific Name - Magnolia)


The Peach blossom - (Scientific Name - Prunus Persica)


Phlox - (Scientific Name - Phlox)


Petunia- (Scientific Name - Petunia)


Spring Flower Quotes

Good friends are like beautiful flowers in the garden of life.
Katrina Mayer
Some friends are like flowers and come and go but Best friends stay in your heart forever.
Bloom where you're planted.
Do something today that will encourage you to blossom.
The flowers blossoms not for others but for itself.. and holds a beauty beyond compare.
Tigress Luv
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