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The 1st Sunday of every August is celebrated all over as sisterís day. Sisters are truly special and the relationship that we share with her cannot be actually replaced. We may fight with her sometimes, play prank on her, disobey her but, at the end of the day they still remain dear to us in all aspect. Especially having an elder sister is truly a blessing; they are with us in times of all our needs, vanishing our worries and tensions and being supportive even when the whole world is against us. Their love and encouragement means a lot to us and it gives us immense strength to move on, despite the various obstacles. If you have a sister you should be fortunate enough, so grab this opportunity and convey your thanks and regards to your sister on special occasion as sisterís day. Celebrate sisterís day with your sister; it will purely be an expression of you innermost feelings.

Tips to celebrate sisterís day: Following are some tips to celebrate sisterís day:
  • Pounce on her bed early morning on the event of sisterís day and give her a surprise gift along with a peck on her cheeks. She will surely be overwhelmed.
  • Go out for a dinner at one of her favorite restaurants. Make sure you order all her favorite dishes.
  • Prepare a gift basket for her. It can be a gift basket of chocolate and cookies or anything which she likes. It can be a gift basket of accessories, snacks etc.
  • If you know how to bake or cook then show your expertise by baking her chocolate cake or by making one of her favorite dishes. It will surely be a touching gesture on your part.
  • You can even go out for a movie and then spend the rest of the day window shopping and roaming here and there.
Sisterís Day Gift Ideas: Following are some gift ideas for your sister:
  • Personalized Gifts: The best gift that one can think of giving on the occasion of sisterís day is a personalized gift. It can be anything ranging from a personalized cup, personalized t-shirt, personalized calendar, personalized photo album etc. Engraved a photo of the two of you together and write a personal message of love on it. This gift will surely touch the heart of your sister.

  • Gift Basket: Make a small gift basket for her containing chocolates and cookies.

  • Flower and Chocolate cake: You can get a bouquet of flower and a chocolate cake for her. It will be a good idea to bake the cake for her with your own hand rather than getting it ordered from the market place.
  • Jewelry: Get her a jewelry set or if she likes junk jewelry you can get those too. They are available at a reasonable price and in plenty from the market place.

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