About Rongali Bihu

Rongali Bihu Dates
Date Day Year
14th April Monday 2014
15th April Wednesday 2015
14th April Thursday 2016
14th April Friday 2017

The Hindu New Year celebrations in Assam begins on the last day of the Assamese month 'Chait.' In 2016, the date of Bohag Bihu is Thursday Apr 14 ~ Saturday, Apr 16, 2016

In Assam, the distinctive phases of an agricultural cycle is celebrated as the three Bihu festivals – the Bohaag Bihu, Kaati Bihu and the Maagh Bihu. The Bohaag Bihu also called the Rongali Bihu marks the sowing time, the advent of a new agricultural year. Gay spirit of spring marks the celebration of Bohaag Bihu which continues for several days. During the celebrations, the young girls in the villages don their traditional attire and sing Bihugeets ( folk songs). These gatherings of young girls singing bihugeets and dancing is known as the Mukoli Bihus.

The festive food of the occasion is the special cake known as the pitha. The people visit eash others houses, distribute sweets to their neighbours and hold grand feasts. The Bihu fairs are organized where people participate in the games and the general revelry.