Iftar Menu

Iftar is an occasion to pamper oneself with delightful and yummy food stuffs. After the all day fast, Iftar is welcomed as a delightful reward. The brilliant Iftar menu is nothing short of the Allah’s merciful grace. During Ramadan, the holy month of fasting, Muslims abstain from eating and drinking until the sun sets and the bells in the mosque pompously rings declaring the end of the fast. At dusk, the faithful followers gather for Iftar. Iftar is the meal taken after the sundown by the one who religiously observed the fast. Iftar begins with having dates and water. Thereafter, prayer is offered to thank Allah followed by the Iftar feast.

For many the Iftar still comprises simple meal of fruits and vegetables along with traditional food. But for many, the Iftar has turned into an occasion to celebrate the festive meal with the near and dear ones. For them the Iftar has grown into Iftar banquets. Along with the celebration, charity also forms an important part of the Iftar celebration where Muslims share their Iftar meal with the needy and poor.

Celebrate your Iftar with friends, relatives and your near and dear ones with these delicious food items.

Begin Iftar with:





Potato Cutlets

Fruit Chat


Breaded Shrimp Rolls

Spring Rols

Iftar - Main Course



Shahi Biryani

Fried Rice

Masala Rice

Chicken Shashlic

Mutton Qorma

Mix vegetable

Variety of Salads

These are an excellent set of options to fill the empty stomachs. Kick off with the lighter items such as dates, juices and fruit chat followed by the heavy meals. Iftar meals are special because of the beautiful varieties that are served during the festivity to lure the people into relishing the meal with utmost joy. This Iftar spread smiles on the visage of people you love with yummy Iftar menu.