Raksha Bandhan Significance

The depth of love in the brother-sister relationship is indicated by two words of Raksha and Bandhan. They are the epitome of strong blood bonded chords between both of them.

The auspicious day of Shravana Purnima in the month of August holds tremendous significance for the Hindus. On this particular day, festivals like Raksha Bandhan, Avni Avittam, Nariyal Purnima, Pavitropana and Kajri purnima are observed in various parts of India. Way before the auspicious day the people start preparing for it.

  • On this day, the family members wake up early in the morning. After cleansing their mind, body and soul they perform Puja.
  • The women in the household fast till the completion of the rituals. They prepare delicious recipes for the family and also assemble holy items for Arti in a Thali.
  • On the set Muhurat, they tie Rakhi on the wrist of their brother and perform their Arti.
  • She then makes her brother eat a piece of mithai (sweet). This sweet refers to the sweetness their relationship engrosses and has kept since the childhood days.
  • Gifts are exchanged between brothers and sisters and this is the way they show their love for each other. The rituals are followed by feast.
  • As all the family members gather under one roof, there is joy everywhere. Delicious recipes are prepared. If the woman is married the brother comes to her house and performs the rituals.