Funny Toilet Quotes

How Long Is A Minute?
Depends On Which Side Of The Door You're On.
Sad Quotes
If You Sprinkle When You Tinkle Be A Sweetie And Wipe The Seatie!!
LADIES: Please Remain Seated For The Entire Performance.
Be A Sweeti
Close the seatie!
Sad Quotes
Treat me well and keep me clean,
I'll not tell anyone,
What I have Seen!
Gentleman: Your aim will help
Stand closer;
Its shorter than you
Arise, Go Forth And Conquer !!
Avoid A Dirty Scene, Keep This Bathroom Clean
Bare Bottoms Welcomed Here !
Diapers, Sanitary Napkins And Tampons You Can’T Flush Or Else You’Ll Make The Toilet Gush.
– Justwilliam
If Its Brown Flush It Down .
No Job Is Finished Until The Paperwork Is Done !
NOTICE: Replacing The Toilet Paper Roll Will Not Cause Brain Damage !
Our Aim Is To Keep The Toilets Clean - Your Aim Will Help!
In this land of fun and sun, We flush on two, not one.

Last Updated: 24th May, 2017