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About Photo Cards

Photo cards are a great way to convey your warm wishes to your dear ones on special occasions or invite them to join you for a celebration. A photo should reveal a story. So, photo cards should actually come with images and photos that express one’s happiness, love and warmth, and excitement. In short, your photo card should reveal your heartfelt emotions and bring out what’s deep in your mind.

Types of Photo Card

There are a variety of photo cards available from online card and gift stores. Given below is a list of such cards.

Birthday photo cards: The best way to get these cards is to choose an online card template and upload the birthday girl or boy’s image so as to include it in the card. Alternatively, you may select cards that have photos of a kid wearing a tiara. Pink color should be prominent in the card chosen for a baby girl’s birthday.

Sometimes, you may choose a birthday photo card with the images of cakes, candles, and balloons just to imply that you want your dear one to celebrate his/her birthday with fun and frolic.

To wish an adult on his/her birthday, you may choose a photo card having photos of the birthday person. The number of birthday he’s celebrating can be inscribed on the card. You may go for photo e-cards with floral designs on the border and some text at the center. This is widely used when inviting one’s friends and family on his birthday.

One of the most exciting photos for adult birthdays could be a bunch of flowers with wine glasses that have a classic appeal. A photo card that comes with such an image best conveys that the person is indeed going to have a blast on his birthday. Such cards are a great way to attract the guests to someone’s birthday party.

Love photo cards: With these love cards, you convey your innermost feelings to the person you love the most.
Let your dear one feel special by sending them e-cards with romantic images. For example, you may choose cards which can be personalized by including your partner’s photo. In addition, you may include the image of a bunch of red roses which are a symbol of love and romance. It’ll make that perfect love photo card for your partner.

If you can personalize a card with the image of your partner and you hugging or kissing each other, it could just be the ideal photo card to reveal your feelings for your dear one. In addition to such lovely photos, you should include a short romantic text which goes with the graphics.

Wedding photo cards: These cards help you send your best wishes to a would-be couple on their wedding day. A card with photos of red roses and a pair of wedding rings can best convey your good luck wishes to your dear ones on their special day. A card personalized with the photo of the couple hand-in-hand will be good enough to express your desire to see them together always.

In case you'd want to invite your loved ones to your wedding celebrations, wedding photo e-cards are just what you need. Wedding invitationcards with photos of a reception table decorated with flowers and having crystal wine glasses are the best way to invite your dear ones to your wedding party. Of course, your wedding invitation card should have the details of the wedding, such as the date, time, and the venue with its address.

Anniversary photo cards: Anniversary cards are an ideal way to send your warmest greetings on someone’s wedding anniversary. You may choose personalized photo cards having damask design on one side and a photo of the couple on another side. You should include your message in the space between the 2 photos. Aside from personalized cards, photo e-cards with a bunch of pink or red roses will be good enough to send special wishes to your loved ones.

In case you’d like to celebrate your marriage anniversary with your dear ones, invite them by sending photo e-cards which are personalized with your photo and your spouse’s snapshot. In addition, you may include simple swirl designs or heart swirl designs to give your card a stylish look. The photo can be supplemented with a short text used to invite your dear ones. Just make sure the details of your wedding party are included in the card.

Thank you photo cards: These cards are a unique way to express your gratitude to someone who’s helped you in troubled times or given you or your kid a special gift on an important event. If you’d like to say thanks to your dear one for giving you a birthday gift, choose photo e-cards that have images of exciting gifts. However, if you’d like to express your gratitude to one who’s done something for you, choose a card with floral images.

Miss you photo cards: Miss you cards are the best way to reveal the fact that you’re indeed missing your dear one. With these cards, you make your loved ones feel that they’re indeed important,
and you’re thinking about them even though they may be miles apart. For example, if you’re missing your friends on the Friendship Day, choose personalized cards that have a group photo of your friends including you. Let there be some text which conveys how much you miss them.

Instead of getting photo cards online, you may create them on your own. Read on to find out how you can do so.

How to Create Photo Cards on Your Own

Below, you will find 2 ways to make these cards by yourself.

Use photo-editing software: You may use photo-editing software to create and edit an image you’d like to include in your photo card. You can then upload this photo in a website so as to include it in the card template chosen from the website itself. This is how you personalize a card and make it look just as you desire.

Use cardstock and take photos yourself: You can take snapshots yourself and stick them on cardstock so as to create photo cards that would appeal to your dear ones. Just add a short and cute message to the photo, and you’ll have the perfect handmade photo card ready for your loved one.

Photo cards are a reflection of your true emotions toward your dear ones. They help you communicate your thoughts with some of the best images and the least possible words. So, it’s essential to choose an image or photo that says it all.