Passover Games

Passover games is a wonderful way to make your kids stay informative and as well as entertained. Dual purposes are solved in this case with the help of interesting Passover games. All the Passover games are designed keeping in mind the Jewish traditions and customs.

Different Passover Games

Hide the Afikomen:

The Afikomen, in the Jewish tradition, is considered to be a piece of matzo that the host of the Seder feast sets aside apparently for dessert. The main reason behind setting aside the Afikomen is to create attention among the kids all through the Seder.

During the early hours of the Seder, the host takes a step forward to break a piece of matzo into halves and wrap one half inside a napkin. And he seemingly goes away from the table to wash hands. The kids, during this time, hide it elsewhere and then when the host finds out that the Afikomen is missing, he is interestingly asked to ‘buy back’ the Afikomen from of them. Otherwise the Seder service shall not be completed.

Passover Quiz:

It may be sometimes difficult for the kids to remember the long Passover story. Thus, it is advisable to arrange for a mini quiz show right at the Seder table. Children are sure to enjoy thins kind of an interaction. Prizes may be allotted for the right answer and that will create more interest among the participants.

Substitute the Pickle:

This is an interesting children's Passover game that teaches the kids about the minute facts of Passover. It is just to teach them about the history and the traditions that Passover usually follows. Getting the answer right will instill more interest among the kids and at the same time let kids gather information about this grand Jewish occasion.

Celebrate this day with a grand Seder feast and wrap it up with love, warmth and fun. Good food, good gifts and good fun – these are the essential elements of Passover celebration. Have a fun-filled and enjoying day.