Passover Dinner Menu

The dinner on Passover is generally a ritual with the entire family. The custom states that friends and neighbors should be invited during this grand Passover dinner, to celebrate togetherness and joy.

This sumptuous Passover feast is also an occasion to honor and thank God and celebrate liberation. The Passover meal goes up till late at night, wherein people gathering read out the Haggadah, sing special Pesach songs and celebrate in full mood. Also, to keep up to the entire traditions, some drink four cups of wine.

The traditional feast of Passover consists of the traditional dishes, key components being matzoh and foods having matzoh. One can only consume the unleavened food during this festival. This rule allows us to remember that the Jews who left Egypt were in a hurry and didn’t even have much time to let their bread rise. The other significance of this is to remove puffiness, arrogance and pride from the souls.

Traditional Jewish Pesach Feast

The following six items are essentially the key components of the Passover dinner:

Maror :

A bitter herb (like horseradish) that denotes the animosity of slavery


Another variation of bitter herbs


A mixture of fruit and nuts that symbolizes the mortar that was used for building the pyramid of the pharaohs


A green vegetable (generally parsley) denotes spring


a lamb’s shankbone that denote the very old Passover sacrifice


A roasted egg representing the temple sacrifice and also the life cycle.

Also traditionally, a bowl of salt water is used for dipping the Karpas, denoting the tears of the slaves. In some other Passover traditions, it is also a custom to include chazeret, typically the roots of romaine lettuce.

Following the Passover traditions, the Seder table is always arranged with the finest settings and silverware. It is a grand occasion to celebrate togetherness. The family members gather near the table for Passover dinner wearing their best holiday clothes. There is another custom which states that the person, who leads the Seder, should wear a white robe known as a kittel. There are two parts for the Seder dinner - the first half just requires a plate and a wine glass. Near the main head of the table, the dinner of Passover shall comprise of all those symbolic foods that should be eaten during the course of the dinner.

During the Passover meal, everybody gathering there gets a copy of the Haggadah, which contains the traditional version of the text of the Seder service. In totality, the Passover dinner is grand and sumptuous and should be followed in a manner that all the traditions are minutely followed and its actual essence is realized.