Parents' Day 2019

Parents play a vital role in the lives of their children. Nothing can beat the hard work that every parent puts into shaping up the overall personality of their child. Deservingly, a day that commemorates the special bond of love between parents and their lads celebrates them. Known as the Parents’ Day, it is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of July each year and marks the superb augmentation of the concepts of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Parents' Day History

Parents' Day has its history dating back to 1994, when the-then US President, Bill Clinton signed a Congressional Resolution into a law and declared fourth Sunday of every July as the day to honor the steps taken by parents in bringing up their children in the most laudable way. Celebrated each year, the day offers children an excellent opportunity to thank their parents for everything that they've done for them. Though Parents' Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of July annually in the United States of America, not all countries celebrate it on the same day. Here are two of the countries, celebrating Parents' Day on different dates:

Parents' Day in Korea

The date fixed for recognizing and promoting parenting in the Republic of Korea is the eighth of May. Originally celebrated as Mother's Day, the day eventually got transformed into a Parents' Day. Amid fervent celebrations, Korean kids pay a heartfelt tribute to their parents and grandparents.

Parents' Day in Vietnam

In Vietnam, children celebrate the Parents' Day on seventh of July every year. The younger ones ensure to honour their parents and express their love in ways unimaginable. Right from buying gifts to sending greeting cards, kids leave no stone unturned in making their parents feel ‘on top of this world' on this exclusive day.


Parents' Day Celebrations

Parents' Day Celebration

With family being the fundamental unit of a society, parents and children act as its key pillars. As a child's ideals, parents direct him/her to mature as an individual and realize his/her responsibility as a citizen. In short, it is a parent who makes his/her child lead a comfortable life.

Children of different age groups celebrate Parents' Day in their own unique styles. Sometimes a teacher, a mentor, well-wisher or as a role-model, parents are your best friends. Here's a look at the most impressive ways of celebrating Parents' Day:

Organizing events and activities

As a national observance in the United States, Parents' Day isn't a public holiday in the nation. On this day, a gigantic number of citizens, organizations, local government and legislative entities go ahead and celebrate the day via activities, proclamations and numerous educational efforts in order to support the parents' role in the basic development of their children. Especially in the United States, the Parents' Day Council promotes the day via a wide variety of events and activities. For instance, it honors “Parents of the Year” at state, local and national levels. All the parents who are nominated or selected for the honor are treated as ideals of positive parenthood. All the impeccable parents from each individual state in the US are nominated for “National Parents of the Year” honor.


Sending cards and gifts

Parents' Day is not only about honoring your birth parents but even the special people who've played a positive parental figure in your life. You can go ahead with celebrating this special day by sending beautiful paper or e-cards to your parents in addition to gifting them flowers, food hampers, shopping hampers and cakes.


Getting together for a cozy lunch or dinner

To make the day even more exciting and fun-filled, you can get together with your entire family for a lavish lunch or dinner. Eating delicious foods along with a spicy chit-chat is an easy and memorable way of celebrating the day.

Take them out for Dinner

Gift Ideas for Parents

Have a look at some of the gifting options you can choose from, for this year's Parents' Day:

Personalized Photo Frame

Pictures speak louder than words. In-line with this great saying, gifting a personalized photo frame to your parents can serve as an excellent gifting option. You may also opt for gifting a large collage which comprises pictures of the entire family during different events and vacations.


Flower bouquets

Flowers speak the language of love and concern. Show your unconditional love for your parents by gifting them a flower bouquet loaded with their favourite flowers. A special note fixed to the bouquet can add a unique tint of elegance to your expression.


Compact disk containing old, romantic numbers

Do a good amount of research on the music tracks which are immensely loved by your parents. Create a collection of the same and get the songs written onto a compact disk, which can further be gifted to your loving parents on Parents' Day. By making your parents listen to their all-time favourite tracks, you'd be able to bring a smile on their faces.


Take your parents out for a nice get-together

If you and your parents have missed out on catching a latest movie or visiting a newly launched restaurant, Parents' Day is the day that allows you to break open from your monotonous regime to embrace a memorable outing. Plan a visit to a renowned adventure park, a restaurant or book tickets for a live concert/movie to spend some quality time with the people who mean the most to you.


Gift basket

A gift basket containing items which are thoroughly loved by your parents is the best gifting option you can choose for this year's Parents' Day. For instance, if your father loves reading novels, you can fill up the basket with his favorite collection of novels. If your mother is fond of chocolates, then gifting her a basket full of handmade chocolates would make her incredibly happy.

Gift Basket