Palm Sunday Parade

Palm Sunday is an important day in the Christian calendar which falls right before the Easter Sunday. This day signifies all those events that are related with the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem and how the people greeted him in good cheer by spreading over palm leaves and also their garments. Jesus enters Jerusalem on the back of a donkey and that denotes peace. Palm Sunday is the start of the Holy week as well. This is the time when Jesus came into Jerusalem before his crucifixion.

  • The parades of Palm Sunday that are arranged on the morning of Palm Sunday carry out all that deeds that made Jesus feel special and rejoiced as ever.
  • Everybody hailed him as the King or the Messiah. People distribute palms and keep it with them as a token of blessing and love.
  • Masses cry out praises in his name and tell all that he did to stand beside the masses, how he offered a helping hand always. His mission was to help the poor and serve them in any kind of need. His preachings, teachings, and his ways of healing – everything is narrated out in the Palm Sunday parade.
  • The Palm Sunday celebrations begin in the morning with the mass gathering in the church. Thereafter, from the church the congregation takes part in the Palm Sunday parade and they sing Palm Sunday songs, hymns and narrate various Palm Sunday stories and praises for Jesus.
  • Then palm leaves are also distributed to those taking part in the parade of Palm Sunday and they are told that the palm leaves are very much holy and should be preserved properly.
  • Till the next Palm Sunday, the palm leaves are preserved in a proper manner and then replaced with newer palm leaves after either burning the old ones off or by burying them down. Palm Sunday parades take place with utmost extravaganza – giving a feel to the people participating in it as to what actually happened on the day when Jesus entered Jerusalem.
  • Everybody wants to get a feel of the situation of that special day in Christian calendar and how much the people of Jerusalem actually rejoiced that day. So, take part in the parades of Palm Sunday and get into the groove of actual celebrations.