Palm Sunday Leaves

Palm Sunday leaves are an essential component of the Palm Sunday celebrations and one should know the proper manner to use the leaves of Palm Sunday.. The Sunday just before the Easter Sunday, is a day to look back at the history of Palm Sunday and celebrate in full swing. It is on this day that Christians remember Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem and how people laid down the palm leaves on his path to greet Him in good gesture. The day you receive the palms from people around you, get it cleared that it is the start of the Holy Week.

Use of palm leaves on Palm Sunday

  • One should necessarily try to attend mass on Palm Sunday, as then you will come to know of the exact significance of Palm leaves on Palm Sunday. By attending this, you can also get your own lucky palm for a Palm Sunday.
  • Get the palm blessed; as it can be wisely done by a priest. The priest usually follows this norm before distributing them to the masses.
  • BE careful while taking the Palm of Palm Sunday. Make sure that doesn’t break or tear and keep it at a safe place at your home.
  • One has the option of observing Palm Sunday by taking back the palm back home. The first Sunday of the Holy Week can also be observed with the help of the Palm which you have at home.
  • The best thing to do is to cut off a section of the palm and place it either on a crucifix, or a holy picture or on some other blessed object in the house. Palm fronds are believed to bestow blessings and protection, thus using it rightly in the right place is absolutely necessary.
  • You can also offer a portion of the palm to someone with whom you have quarreled as it is believed to bring peace along with it. It was also a tradition of the Christian faith for quite sometime.
  • Manage to keep the palm with you rather it throwing it off. Before the next Easter knocks the door, one should burn the palm and utilize them for the ashes of Ash Wednesday.

So, enjoy your Palm Sunday in the most traditional manner.