Palm Sunday Games

Palm Sunday is a Christian event and is celebrated on the Sunday just before Easter Sunday. This event marks the celebration of all those events which happened with Jesus till his crucifixion.
It is essential to know the importance of Palm Sunday, and then only can one get creative with the Palm Sunday games and enjoy to the fullest.

  • The one option for Palm Sunday games is to let children play “Pin the Tail”. This shall remind you and others around about how Jesus rode inside Jerusalem on a donkey just prior to his crucifixion.
  • The procedure for playing this game is to get the children remains blindfolded and make an attempt to pin the donkey's tail at the proper place.
  • Making the donkey is simple, items for which can be found from the supplier of local arts and crafts. But there is also a chance to get pre-made Palm Sunday donkeys around this time because there is a demand for such things.

Palm Branch Limbo:

  • The main component for playing “Palm Branch Limbo”, one shall need few palm branches, which is readily available in department stores and floral shops.
  • A week or two before the Palm Sunday, these items are piled up in various stores. The children needs to limbo under the palm branches, while others standing around them should cheer them on.
  • This practice shall enable one to realize as to how palm branches had been laid in the path of Jesus as the crowd greeted him and cheered for him as he entered Jerusalem.

Rock Games :

  • One could also play rock games for reminding the children that Jesus should be praised always.
  • For playing the game, the children should paint faces on their own rocks. One of the children should be called and should enact as if he is praising Jesus.
  • After the child stops praising him, the other rocks (enacted by the children) would start praising and cheering, singing and dancing in good faith. That rock which has the loudest and longest praise, gets acclamation and is rewarded.