Palm Sunday Facts

It is important to know the right Palm Sunday facts before getting into the groove of celebration. The sixth Sunday of Lent is known as the Palm Sunday and falls on the Sunday preceding Easter Sunday. The other name for this day in Christian calendar is the Passion Sunday, Willow Sunday, or Flower Sunday – as there was a practice of distributing either Palms, flowers, willows etc on this SundayThe main fact of Palm Sunday remains like this – this day remembers the triumphal entry of Jesus in Jerusalem just five days before He being crucified. The gospels stated that according to the Christian traditions, Jesus rode on a donkey back and the crowds in the lanes of Jerusalem greeting Him in full cheer. They considered Him to be the Messiah and laid palm branches and dresses on His path.

Other Facts of Palm Sunday

  • After Jesus entered Jerusalem, the city asked, "Who is this?" to which the crowds replied, "This is Jesus, the prophet from Nazareth in Galillee."
  • Palm Sunday celebrations started off in the churches of Jerusalem, before the third or fourth century AD.
  • This special Sunday marks the commencement of the Holy Week.
  • Following this Sunday is the Easter Sunday.
  • On this day, processions come out in the roads and people carry palm branches – which denote blessings from the Lord. They also make small palm crosses.
  • Sacred music is played and there are various performances that are organized across the city. Usually they happen in local churches and sometimes there are regular concerts.
  • Plays or parades are arranged as well that focuses mainly on the Holy Week. However, the themes and ideas are that of Palm Sunday.
  • Palm Sunday is not a national holiday in United States. But any which ways, as the day falls on a Sunday, it is a no-school day and also non-working for majority of Americans.
  • The Palm Sunday falls on any one of the 35 dates ranging from 15 March to 18 April.
  • The Liturgical Colour of Palm Sunday is Red
  • It is also the Sixth Sunday of Lent
  • The Palm Sunday is known as the "Pussy Willow Sunday" in Latvia
  • In Kerala, South India, flowers are sprinkled about into the safe haven on Palm Sunday when the gospel is read out.
  • Palm Sunday is known as Tsvetnitsa in Bulgaria.
  • Children dress up as Easter witches and roam about from door to door in neighborhood areas for coins and candy in Finland.

So, there are different Palm Sunday facts in different parts of the globe. Know the real essence and get into the celebrations.