Palm Sunday Decorations

As per the Christian calendar, the Palm Sunday falls on the Sunday that precede Easter Sunday. Commencement of the Holy Week, the Palm Sunday is celebrated always on any of the 35 dates between the period of 15th March and 18th April.

Palm Sunday decorations are of prime importance because this day initiates the Holy week. Eventually one goes on to celebrate the very auspicious and rejoicing Easter. As this day commemorates the victory of Jesus Christ’s entry in Jerusalem, it calls for real celebration in full swing. People used to lay palms in front of Him for greeting Him into the city.

  • One of the prime traditions of Palm Sunday is the decorations of Palm Sunday. People have the habit of receiving palm leaves in the churches, as churches distribute blessed palms among masses.
  • Then after taking them back home, people place these palm leaves around the different pious and religious pictures and images.
  • They are kept there for one whole year and then again replaced by new palms on the next Palm Sunday. Palms are really auspicious elements that should not be burnt or buried.
  • They can also be used for decoration on Palm Sunday. There is a tradition in Spain where during Palm Sunday, the palm leaves are tied and covered for making them white. Later on, they are dried and braided in diverse forms.
  • Palm symbols are always considered to portray piousness, victory and triumph and this has been followed since ages. Palm Sunday was also known as ‘Flower Sunday’ as near Constantinople, there was a tradition of distributing spring flowers as an important part of the Palm Sunday celebrations.
  • The date of Palm Sunday is slowly drawing near and thus it is high time to get ready for the decorations on Palm Sunday. Grab all those silvery pussy willow stems and few bunch of cut forsythia. Barring the palms, these two items make wonderful decorative items for Palm Sunday.
  • Get scented candles to fill the room with fragrance. Also get varied types of plants and flowers to decorate your house on Palm Sunday.
  • It’s a joyous festival that denotes victorious mood. During this time, the churches too, get decked by in every possible manner. Images of Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, and other images to mark Christianity are placed to create a perfect environ.
  • Big candles are lit up, decorated with lights all over – this occasion is all about celebrating in vibrance and brightness. Children take active part in decorating the houses on Palm Sunday, as they get to learn various decorating ideas for Palm Sunday from their school. Appreciate their effort and lit up the occasion with light and enjoyment.