Palm Sunday Crafts

The Palm Sunday story can be found usually in all gospels and it is definitely a good idea to read about it and let others know about it such that the occasion can be celebrated in full mood. There are various Palm Sunday craft ideas to keep oneself busy creatively and thereby in the due course get accustomed to the Palm Sunday story.

As a part of the Palm Sunday legacy, palm leaves are an essential element of the celebration. There can be a special tradition to incorporate these blessed palms in the form of Palm Sunday crafts and cherish the creativity for the years to come.

Follow some simple Palm Sunday craft activities and allow your children to know the true meaning of Palm Sunday. Put your palms into a piece of art that can last for the seasons to come.

Ideas for Palm Sunday Crafts:

  • Palm Cross: One can create a Palm Cross by making use of the blessed palm; this is a good indication of the importance of this day in Christianity.
  • Palm Figures: This is another easy thing to create following the step by step instructions.
  • Palm Statues: One can also by Palm Braiding, create detailed and beautiful statues.
  • Palm Weaving: Weave palm leaves to create some excellent and detailed crafts.
  • Palm Crown of Thorns: Make a crown of thorns from palms by weaving it.
  • Palm Wreaths: Make wreaths out of Palm leaves that can fit on the statue heads. Do it by knotting one end of a group of 3 palms, and then braid them like braiding the hair. Then make it into a circle form. Then try putting this on the Mary statue indicating the importance of this festival.
  • Palm Chain: Cut the palm leaves as per the size of gum wrappers and try weaving them as one would weave a gum wrapper chain.
  • Palm Coil: Take a palm leave and tear it into 2 or 3 strings. With the help of a pencil or a marker, tie the outermost end of the palm to the pencil.

After this, wrap the palm around the pencil as many times as you want to. When you are done, just tape it in place. Let it remain like that for about a week or two and allow it to dry out. The moment you unwind it, it will turn out to be a cool looking coil or spring.