Palm Sunday Activities

Palm Sunday is celebrated on the Sunday just before Easter Sunday and is a significant Christian festival. Palm Sunday activities mark the celebration of Palm Sunday in a large scale. And, it is just the start of the Holy Week which depicts the triumphant entry of Jesus Christ to Jerusalem, riding on a donkey’s back. There were people who welcomed him by waving palm branches while he was entering. Shouting Hosanna, they laid down their palm branches and cloaks on His path, for a grand welcome. Children usually gear themselves up for the activities of Palm Sunday as they have nothing else to engage them with.

During Palm Sunday, there are special activities of Palm Sunday that are specially designed for children. These activities help children understand Palm Sunday better and the reason behind it being celebrated by waving palm branches.

  • Children from the neighborhood or even friends can be called upon to participate in these interesting activities of Palm Sunday.
  • One can start with these Palm Sunday activities first by reading the Holy Scriptures that tells the story of Palm Sunday to the children and that too in a candid manner.
  • Tell them know the reasons why Jesus Christ needed to go to Jerusalem in spite of the fact that the Scribes and other elders did not identify him as a preacher of the Christian faith.
  • The lucid manner in which you tell the story will help them understand the reason why Palm Sunday is celebrated just at the commencement of the Holy Week.
  • After the story of Palm Sunday is discussed in detail with the children, it is now time to proceed to the different Palm Sunday activities. Activities that relate to this event are usually very interesting and very creative.
  • Instruct them to prepare their dough and make the scene where Jesus Christ was seen entering Jerusalem. Children could also create figures of Jesus Christ, the donkey, and the mass who were seen cheering his entry. If the dough is of different colors, then the creative would be higher and it will be a delight to watch as well.

There is another way to re-enact the Palm Sunday story and that too through flannel boards. One could make a flannel board by way of stapling felt paper of a standard size on a sheet of a heavy paper; choose a poster board in all preferences. Let the children draw and color the different Bible characters who were involved in the Palm Sunday story. After that, cut outs could be taken and have a stick pasted at the back of each of those figure cut-outs.

  • After this entire process is over, they may be able to re-enact the event in the proper manner.
  • Another activity of Palm Sunday to keep the children engaged is to conduct a quiz on Palm Sunday facts. That could involve the stories from the Holy Scriptures, the characters involved and other hidden facts about Palm Sunday. Make a team and get best results out of it.