New Year in Spain

  • Every country has its deep rooted customs and traditions that play an important role in adding zest to special occasions. New Year in Spain is no different. For ages, Spanish folks have religiously followed a traditional custom to celebrate New Year's Eve.

  • On the New Year's Eve, they wait until midnight with twelve grapes in their hand. When the clock starts to chime, they start eating the twelve grapes one with every toll to usher in good luck and prosperity for the next twelve months of the approaching year. It is also customary to listen to the clock from Puerta del Sol in Madrid.

    • The tradition of welcoming the New Year with a mouthful of grapes can be traced back to the time when there was a big grape harvest in Spain. The king of Spain then decided to give grapes to everybody to eat on New Year's Eve and the tradition still lives on.

    • Joyous greetings like “Happy New Year” , “Wish you a year full of prosperity” and greeting cards are the common ways that people all across the globe use to welcome the new day. But eating the grapes and starting the New Year with a full mouthful of grapes is a unique tradition.

    • However, the tradition also asks us to finish the grapes when the clock finishes chiming. But it's almost impossible to eat the grapes by the time the clock stops chiming. Normally people still have all the grapes in their mouths, and they begin their New Year a hearty smile. That's a nice way to welcome the approaching year, don't you think so?